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Who Could Resist?

Yes, who could resist the prospect of 6 hours in the Jim Gibbons’ Gibbus on a trip to the Sideshow in Searchlight as the Guv, desperate to save his candidacy, attempts to attach himself to every pathetic political fad that stumbles by? Added bonus: the Gube will be joining the trip in Laughlin as he will [...]

Gibbons’ Country: No, It’s a Douche Bag

Oh, in case you missed the teabag rant, go here.

[UPDATES: RJ gets one right. I mean, correct. They're always right. Way right. (RJ)

Gibbers appears to be going nuts as he spewed mindless venom at last week SAGE meeting. (Sun) Could he really be cracking up under the pressure of the divorce, the gaffes, and the gradual [...]