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Hitting the Ground, Crawling: Stimulus Czar Stumbles

So, how’s that new Stimulus Czar doing? You know, the one the Guv nearly tore down state government in order to keep under his thumb?

Well, let’s have a peek at an interview the new czar had with some local teevee folk:

Hetty Chang: How much of that [stimulus] money is physically here in the [...]

Jackboot Jim and the AG McCormick-and-Schmick Nevada

The state of Nevada now knows what it feels like to go on a date with Jim Gibbons and say "no."

With some pimping from the Nevada Attorney General, Gibbons gave Nevada the full-blown Mazzeo treatment after the Interim Finance Committee initially refused to go along with his cash-for-cronyies stimulus czar proposal. Yesterday, the IFC caved, faced [...]

The Review Journal: Abandon All Journalistic Integrity, Ye Who Enter Here

Question: When is an AP story not an AP story?

Answer: When it appears in the Review Journal!

There was an AP notice the other day gurgling through the Internetal tubes to the affect that the arraignment of ex-eTreppid employee/consultant Dennis Montgomery vis. skipping out on gambling debts would be postponed awhile. (AP)

All well and good and hardly [...]

Breaking News From the Sinking Ship...

So, first we read this:

With the addition of Robin Reedy, Lynn Hettrick and Stacy Woodbury to senior staff positions in his administration, Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons is finally portraying an image of experience and competence. (Muth via Nevada Appeal)

And then we read this…

Gov. Jim Gibbons’ deputy energy director was terminated Monday and escorted from his office [...]

Gibbons Country: The TIME TARDS!

See the memos showing that the fed travel ban against “lavish” and “resort” destinations started back in the Bush years here. See the Gube mindlessly blather here and here and here and…oh nevermind.

Anybody have any idea why our small minded gu’ment Gøøber all the sudden wants to create an overpaid new executive position in state gu’ment [...]