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Nevada RIROs! Draft Bath!

Disconcerting news leaked from the Gibbons for Gube campaign juggernaut today. The campaign’s interim manager Ron Bath is not, repeat not, a registered member of the Nevada Republican party! Unlike yours truly, he won’t even be voting for the Gibbers in the Republican primary!

“I guess I’m kind of a real conservative Democrat,” Bath said.

“You Could Run Mickey Mouse Against Him, and Mickey Would Win.”

"Gibbons is dead because Gibbons is dead. You could run Mickey Mouse against him, and Mickey would win." — Brad Coke — Mason-Dixon pollster, summing up Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons' recent showing in a Review-Journal poll. (RJ)

Frankly, that doesn't seem to be a problem. Plenty of Mickeys to go around.

It's Mouse [...]

Gibbons Country: The TIME TARDS!

See the memos showing that the fed travel ban against “lavish” and “resort” destinations started back in the Bush years here. See the Gube mindlessly blather here and here and here and…oh nevermind.

Anybody have any idea why our small minded gu’ment Gøøber all the sudden wants to create an overpaid new executive position in state gu’ment [...]