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Gibbons’ Country: Willkommen Nach Nevada!

Yes, the prospect of Brian Sandoval supporting a law which would racially profile him has left everyone puzzled, and that includes the candidate’s dad.

Hey, wannabe journalists! Need to take an offbeat stand that is so wild and improbable that everyone will notice? Just talk about Jim Gibbons as the comeback kid!

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Stabbing Our Eyes Out Would Be More Pleasant…

…than watching the following video, designed by the Mike Montandon For Inevitable Political Obscurity campaign…

Those of us in Nor’Town, who are enjoying the ex-mayor’s concept of job growth as the city quickly decomposes into a ghost town, would probably enjoy the gube contest much more if one of his opponents would bring up his disastrous tenure [...]

Bankrupt Ethics in the Gube Race

Ah! What would a gubernatorial race in Nevada be without allegations of wrong-doing and pay-to-play?

Yup, it’s time to dust off that Rove-frogmarch pic again, cuz two of the Republican gube-wannabes got caught playing around with their campaign contributions!

First off, there’s that guy who used to be mayor of someplace nobody in their right mind would ever [...]

Where Was Mike Montandon When “More Cops” Became Moribund?

Okay, okay. I know readers of this blog, both of you, couldn't give a rat's patootie about North Las Vegas. Why, even the rats seem to have given up on the  battered 'burb.

Still, the city is all atwitter about the news that city manager Gregory Rose has taken "executive leave" after reports that he may have [...]

“You Could Run Mickey Mouse Against Him, and Mickey Would Win.”

"Gibbons is dead because Gibbons is dead. You could run Mickey Mouse against him, and Mickey would win." — Brad Coke — Mason-Dixon pollster, summing up Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons' recent showing in a Review-Journal poll. (RJ)

Frankly, that doesn't seem to be a problem. Plenty of Mickeys to go around.

It's Mouse [...]

The Amazing PigeonMan!

Okay, okay. I know most of you couldn't give a rat's patootie about North Las Vegas, and you probably agree with Nor'Town's very own County Commissioner and Bumpkin Tom Collins, to wit, all of us trailer-trash Nor'Townies should just pack up and return to the swamp that spawned us.

But this has to do with you, [...]

Yucca Yucca!!

Doing the worst Fozzie Bear imitation ever, the Governor of Nevada decided to go after the Senate Majority Leader recently by attacking Reid Senior as soft on Yucca. How is Mr. Pushup soft on the Nuke dump, according to the Gibbermatic, you ask? Well, for not passing legislation outright that would kill the nuke dump. [...]