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Gibbons Country: The TIME TARDS!

See the memos showing that the fed travel ban against “lavish” and “resort” destinations started back in the Bush years here. See the Gube mindlessly blather here and here and here and…oh nevermind.

Anybody have any idea why our small minded gu’ment Gøøber all the sudden wants to create an overpaid new executive position in state gu’ment [...]

Gibbons’ Country: Permits Required

“Sheriff decertifies Gibbons’ pistol instructor.” (RGJ)

How come everybody else besides the Gube ends up paying for his mistakes?

Naturally, Gibbons’ gun instructor was among the 10,000 or so who served on a transition team. (INP)

UPDATE: the Reno Gazette Journal is suing to get the Sheriff of Washoe County to disclose the status of the Gube’s concealed weapons [...]

Under Three Roofs

Hooray! Dust up between Governor and law-enforcement big-wigs over, trumpets local newspaper insert. (Sun) Yup, law enforcement poobahs simply caved to the Governor’s wasteful and pointless demand for a wasteful and pointless third terrorist tracking "fusion" center in Carson City because, well, I guess they figure if you’re gonna waste state and federal money, you might [...]

Governor Boots Caucus Goers Out Into the Cold

Fearing "political suicide," paranoid Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons kicked caucus goers out of the manse into the cold. (RGJ). Future historians of the state will no doubt fill pages arguing over what the Governor meant by his cryptic remark. That is, unless they quite reasonably consign Gibbons’ two years to a tiny footnote, largely devoted to [...]