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Gibbons’ Country: Senator McNugget Pays A Visit to Sherm’s Acres

Here’s some background on the faux dustup amongst the town good-old boys, in case you were doing something useful, like taking a nap, and missed it: Sleuth, CityBlog, Ralston, Gleaner.

A previous appearance by Senator Grumpy McNugget.

More Gibbons’ Country.

UPDATE: Bonus comic, kids! Meet “Tiny” (Ralston)

And Reid and Sherm kiss and make [...]

The Review Journal: Abandon All Journalistic Integrity, Ye Who Enter Here

Question: When is an AP story not an AP story?

Answer: When it appears in the Review Journal!

There was an AP notice the other day gurgling through the Internetal tubes to the affect that the arraignment of ex-eTreppid employee/consultant Dennis Montgomery vis. skipping out on gambling debts would be postponed awhile. (AP)

All well and good and hardly [...]

Review Journal Announces Big Changes

Catch a sample of the new RJ!

If you're having trouble reading the text, click on the pic to see it a bit closer.

Okay, okay, there are no changes at the Review Journal. Just more of the craven bias that has become its trademark.

The Review Journal has apparently decided to abandon all pretense of [...]