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Main Stream Media Notes Obvious

Time magazine stretched itself today to note the obvious, namely that sexual harassers Jim Gibbons and John Ensign are among the least influential non-celebrities on the planet:

Jim Gibbons
Governor of Nevada
He had a 10% approval rating. He had too many scandals for Nevada to handle.

John Ensign
Nevada Senator [...]

Another Delightful Thing From the Internets…


Jimbo's Still Got It!

Shew! Looks like Jimbo Gibbons is still in the Gube race. Despite having blown his load–campaign money I mean–on his now ex-campaign manager and soldiering on without any manager in sight, Gibbons said today that he’s still in it. (Fox5)

And, boy howdy, IS he still in it! Along the way Gibbons ended up throwing his support [...]

John Ensign on CNN: Run Away! Run Away!

Watch John Ensign run away!

Embedded video from [...]

Consider the Source

Yes, the latest John Ensign, Tom Coburn, Mike Slanker revelations are indeed amusing, but would anyone be willing to speculate why Congressperson Shelley Berkley's people are sending out a link to a Politico write up suggesting that the Senate Ethics Committee will probably be investigating Ensign's lobbying shenanighans?

Could it be that she's eyeing the Senator's, [...]

Senator John Ensign Viciously Attacks Gibbons’ Administration Over Czar Profligacy

Yep, it's Adulterer versus Wannabe-Rodeo-Sexter-Adulterer, Groper v. Groper, as John Ensign attacks the administration of Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons for having too many czars.

One wonders what other possible interpretation could be put to Senator Schtup's remarks, such as:

"We are now facing a situation where there is almost a shadow Cabinet that is being [...]

Republicans Can’t Get No Respect

Especially from other Republicans.

So, let's see if we can figure out what happened: John Ensign, on his Please Help Me Find My Pants And My Dignity Again tour, said something about how he created John Sandoval ex nihilo from matter devoid of any political form and how Sandoval would make a nifty Gube, far niftier [...]

More Campaign Slogans for John Ensign

This John Ensign slogan comes from up north: Course, it attacks our patriotic whore industry, but nonetheless looks like a winner.

This one uses the Senator's own words about his "big mistake" to turn a negative into a big positive!


Um…doesn't sound too braggy, [...]

The ‘Monger’s Got A Million of ‘Em

Okay, okay. Nobody can say that the 'Monger ain't entrepreneurial.

So, here's a couple of pitches.

The first is a sequel to a 2007 sequel to a show from the 70's… Great concept, eh? Half price, this year only! Call me, Dick Wolf! We'll do lunch.

Well, failing that, maybe I can get a slot over at November, [...]

John Ensign is Singing the C-Street Blues

Listen to the Beale Street Blues, and then you can sing along with John.

Fun Facts!

Yes, it’s true. John Ensign’s father-confessor who wants to claim doctor-”patient” privilege is an OB/GYN. (Spoof,Gawker)
Senators Pete Domenici and James Inhofe were only a few of the members of Congress hanging out at the C-street secret Christian cult house o’ bad [...]