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Jim Gibbons Touts Obama-Pelosi-Reid Big-Government Bailouts

In a surprise move today, Jim Gibbons has apparently decided yet again to mock all political predictions by defying the very rules of reason and logic.  No doubt a clever ploy to convince the right-wing of the Nevada Republican party that only he is a true conservative in the true psychotic Nevada tradition, Gibbons vocally supported [...]

The Master Race

Okay. let’s face it. There is nothing intelligent that could possibly be said about the latest gambit by the crack Official Gube Staff/Re-elect Gibbons In-Kind Donation team. Gibbons bringing up a stupid remark that Sandoval made when AG to the effect that he, Sandoval, thought the AG should even defend a hypothetical law to put yellow [...]

Gibbons’ Country: Willkommen Nach Nevada!

Yes, the prospect of Brian Sandoval supporting a law which would racially profile him has left everyone puzzled, and that includes the candidate’s dad.

Hey, wannabe journalists! Need to take an offbeat stand that is so wild and improbable that everyone will notice? Just talk about Jim Gibbons as the comeback kid!

More [...]

Main Stream Media Notes Obvious

Time magazine stretched itself today to note the obvious, namely that sexual harassers Jim Gibbons and John Ensign are among the least influential non-celebrities on the planet:

Jim Gibbons
Governor of Nevada
He had a 10% approval rating. He had too many scandals for Nevada to handle.

John Ensign
Nevada Senator [...]

Even His Flips Are Floppy

This from Reno News and Reviews:

At a debate among Repubican candidates for governor last week, Gov. Jim Gibbons switched his stance on nuclear waste storage twice in as many minutes. After the candidates were asked their positions on the proposed federal waste dump at Yucca Mountain, candidate Brian Sandoval said [...]

Nevada Governor Adopts Washington Based, Big Government Solution

Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons, in an astounding endorsement of the Federal Government, stated today that his office would be unable to administer the high risk insurance pool required by new Health Insurance law. (Gube,RJ)

Gibbons In essence conceded that his economic policies have left the state so bankrupt that despite a handout of $61 million dollars, his [...]

Protecting American Boarders and the Irish

The crack re-elect Gibbons and Nevada state gubernatorial In-kind Donation Committee has apparently discovered the theme for Jim Gibbons’ re-election effort. Besides using taxpayer funded official state press releases to get out its latest buffoonery, the team has decided that the Gibbers’ best chance lies with an appeal to animal lovers and the Irish.

How else to [...]

He Just Doesn’t Know Which Way To Flip

Nevada putative governor Jim Tiberius Gibbons, attempting to garner some fitful attention to his dying campaign, went all anti-immigration today. In a mealy-mouth, flip-floppy way, anyways.

Hoping the relive the dubious success of his attacks on President Obama over Obama’s remarks that gambling is perhaps not the best way to spend one’s employment check, and to get [...]

A Real Goofy Governor For a Real Goofy Nevada

Huh. I guess the Gube is giving up on that Back to 1864 thing. In his most recent campaign e-mail, he complains that Nevada’s current educational system was “structured” more than a 100 years ago. I suspect he meant “created” since the school system has in fact been changed many times over that period.

Funny too how [...]

Gibbons: Racial Profiling Okay. Except For Whites, Of Course

Apparently, Nevada Gube Jim Gibbons wants to take Nevada back to 1864 in more ways than one.

He seems to want to turn back the clock to the bad old days when everybody who isn’t white–under a definition of white only known to the elites doing the defining–was automatically placed under suspicion for any criminal activity going [...]