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Gibbons’ Country: Willkommen Nach Nevada!

Yes, the prospect of Brian Sandoval supporting a law which would racially profile him has left everyone puzzled, and that includes the candidate’s dad.

Hey, wannabe journalists! Need to take an offbeat stand that is so wild and improbable that everyone will notice? Just talk about Jim Gibbons as the comeback kid!

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Gibbons’ Country: Senator McNugget Pays A Visit to Sherm’s Acres

Here’s some background on the faux dustup amongst the town good-old boys, in case you were doing something useful, like taking a nap, and missed it: Sleuth, CityBlog, Ralston, Gleaner.

A previous appearance by Senator Grumpy McNugget.

More Gibbons’ Country.

UPDATE: Bonus comic, kids! Meet “Tiny” (Ralston)

And Reid and Sherm kiss and make [...]

John Ensign is Singing the C-Street Blues

Listen to the Beale Street Blues, and then you can sing along with John.

Fun Facts!

Yes, it’s true. John Ensign’s father-confessor who wants to claim doctor-”patient” privilege is an OB/GYN. (Spoof,Gawker)
Senators Pete Domenici and James Inhofe were only a few of the members of Congress hanging out at the C-street secret Christian cult house o’ bad [...]

Gibbons’ Country: No, It’s a Douche Bag

Oh, in case you missed the teabag rant, go here.

[UPDATES: RJ gets one right. I mean, correct. They're always right. Way right. (RJ)

Gibbers appears to be going nuts as he spewed mindless venom at last week SAGE meeting. (Sun) Could he really be cracking up under the pressure of the divorce, the gaffes, and the gradual [...]