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Just a Little Something to Pep Up Your Friday Workday

And ChickenS#!t Sue goes after Sharron Angle and proves my point: Angle is the candidate most worthy of representing Nevada Republicans against Harry Reid:

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The Master Race

Okay. let’s face it. There is nothing intelligent that could possibly be said about the latest gambit by the crack Official Gube Staff/Re-elect Gibbons In-Kind Donation team. Gibbons bringing up a stupid remark that Sandoval made when AG to the effect that he, Sandoval, thought the AG should even defend a hypothetical law to put yellow [...]

Gibbons’ Country: Willkommen Nach Nevada!

Yes, the prospect of Brian Sandoval supporting a law which would racially profile him has left everyone puzzled, and that includes the candidate’s dad.

Hey, wannabe journalists! Need to take an offbeat stand that is so wild and improbable that everyone will notice? Just talk about Jim Gibbons as the comeback kid!

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He Do Agree With the Governor


Breaking: Brian Sandoval Learns that Dan Hart is a Democrat

This just showed up in my e-mail, for some unknown reason:

“It’s a Democrat trying to help another Democrat win office. ‘I’m not trying to hide it at all. Certainly I am a supporter of Rory’s or have been in the past. I’ve helped him out with campaigns. And I’m a lifetime [...]

Stabbing Our Eyes Out Would Be More Pleasant…

…than watching the following video, designed by the Mike Montandon For Inevitable Political Obscurity campaign…

Those of us in Nor’Town, who are enjoying the ex-mayor’s concept of job growth as the city quickly decomposes into a ghost town, would probably enjoy the gube contest much more if one of his opponents would bring up his disastrous tenure [...]

Another Delightful Thing From the Internets…


The Firestorm of Demagoguery

Nevada governor Jim Gibbons, or “Moses” as the gube staff/re-elect the guv committee likes to call him, got all biblical yesterday on his 423rd appearance on Fox News:

Well, I think you see the — actually, the firestorm of politics in Nevada, no different than the firestorm of politics that’s brewing across the [...]

A Reason to Believe Again...In Something Or Other...Maybe

Brian Sandoval’s put out a rather dull radio ad, trying to convince us to elect him Gube. Well, not us so much as Nevada businesses who hate roads and schools and stuff like that.

The ad does go on about how Nevada is embarrassed by someone or something never mentioned in the ad by name. Oh, but [...]

Gibbons Can Win The Primary!

The political world is abuzz over news that Jim Gibbons is within striking distance of Brian Sandoval in the Nevada GOP Goobernatorial primary race.

Well, maybe not abuzz. Mildly interested, perhaps.

According to a poll funded by Gibbons’ old pals the Retailers Association of Nevada (RAN), Gibbons in within 6 percentage points of Gibbons-wannabe Brian Sandoval:

Gibbons: 32%
sandoval 38%
other [...]