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Our Work Here Is Done, Tonto

It’s official. The Associated Press called the Nevada Republican Governor’s primary race for Brian Sandoval a while ago, and thus endeth the perplexing political career of one James Tiberius Gibbons.

As such, it would be truly moronic to continue a blog called Vote Gibbons Out, unless one planned to discuss the failing of political apes. Granted that [...]

Send A Wake Up Call To Your Representatives on Tule Springs This Week

From Jill DeStefano, representing the Protectors of Tule Springs:

Greetings all –

On June 7-8th, we would like to mount a sit-up-take-notice campaign aimed at Nevada’s Congressional delegation. Why? Because

NOW is the time to get Tule Springs legislation introduced – to assure its passage during this Congress!

That Would Be A Lame Duck Special Session

Just when you thought it was safe, “Nevada authorities,” i.e., the gonads in the Gube’s office, announce that they might have to call yet another special session of the state legislature.

This time, however, the SNAFU is all Congress’s doing, as they go into full-blown pre-election meltdown mode.

Congress has decided that, contrary to the hard won lessons [...]

Sue Lowden Has Too Much Money for Ads

Witness the “Nevada Prisons and [...]

Official Nevada Website Converted to Political Porn: Live Naked Partisanship Touted

Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons proves again how, um, innovative he is by abandoning any distinction between his campaign and the Office of the Governor.

Apparently thinking that the state site for the Office of the Governor would make more money if it were offering up porn, the gube has posted a grotesquely partisan blurb right in the [...]

Was That Nice?

So, Jimbo the Gibbers is having a press-conference/re-elect-Gumby-hootenanny tomorrow to tout the signing of the “Race to the Bottom” (something like that) application for stimulus funding for Nevada schools. (Gube) This despite the fact that his office bungled the process so much that he missed the first opportunity to send in the application.

But wait! Lookee what [...]

Sam Dehne For Congress

What? You’d rather vote for [...]

Jim Gibbons Touts Obama-Pelosi-Reid Big-Government Bailouts

In a surprise move today, Jim Gibbons has apparently decided yet again to mock all political predictions by defying the very rules of reason and logic.  No doubt a clever ploy to convince the right-wing of the Nevada Republican party that only he is a true conservative in the true psychotic Nevada tradition, Gibbons vocally supported [...]

That Does It: Sharron Angle Gets My Vote

Yup, this bit of youtubeness cements for me. I’m voting Gibbons for Gube in the primary and Sharron Angle for Senate.

I sure pity your poor registered Democrats who refused to sign up as RIROs. Man, your primary ballot is a snoozer!

Woah, Scientology and everything. Angle is the complete package! Illegal buses just [...]

Anybody Remember that Nanny?

As Jim Gibbons tries to jump on the anti-immigrant bandwagon, it seems like a good time to remind everyone of this:

Part two:

Isn’t it ironic that the nanny’s name was Sandoval?

And doesn’t this old Dina Titus ad bring back [...]