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Dumbass Site Won’t Go Away

Ha! Looks like Nevada Dems still have their anti-Jimbo site up. (RNR)

So, when will they delete those putrefied dump-Goofbag-Jim sites anyway? Politically the man is dead except as an occasional Bogey-man to scare old folks ancient enough to remember him and to give Bob Beers something to aspire to: being worse than Gibbons.

So, come on guys. [...]

And Nobody Showed Up

Nobody showed up to the unveiling of the official portrait of the World’s Most Forgettable Governor the other day. (Sun) No doubt the most shocking aspect of the portrait was not that the Gube was wearing clothing, but that he wasn’t wearing the turtleneck that was so emblematic of his Hefner-esque stay in the Playboy Carson [...]

Oh, Brother

GIbbons in Retirement

The Gibbons-fail post-mortems are starting to trickle in, and one particularly obnoxious contribution dripped from the lips of one former Gibboid:

Even supporters noted that Gibbons had a chilly relationship with some media, state lawmakers and lobbyists.

“But that’s Jim Gibbons,” Uithoven said. “He was never one of the good [...]

Ass Breaks Ass: Nevadans Secretly Breathe Sigh of Relief

You know, it wasn’t just over a year ago that brave Nevada punditry would punch and elbow each other for the smallest chance to take a stab at the World’s Worst Guberator’s latest misadventures. Why, back then there was a divorce, passels of paramours, sexting and napping through legislative sessions. Why even now the gov is [...]

And Now A Word About Proper Social Etiquette from the Governor of Nevada

If you’re like me, I’m sure the first person who comes to mind when you’re looking for someone to set the highest standards of proper behavior and social mores is none other that James Tiberius Gibbons, one time Guberator of the former state of Nevada.

Yup, we’ve all learned how to behave like proper Nevada gentlefolk from [...]

Mystery Malady Spreading Through Governor’s Office: Diagnosed in Sandoval Campaign HQ, Elsewhere

Jim Gibbons and Brian Sandoval Suffering from Invisibility Malady

A strange illness originally seen in the Nevada Governor’s office in Carson City is now spreading through the campaign sites of several prominent Republican candidates.

The malady,whose main symptom appears to be an astounding loss of visibility, was first reported when no one could quite determine the location [...]

Governor’s Team Phoning It In

Despite all the racket about Gøøberner Jim Gibbons and the staff digging in for five months of payback hell as the putative Gube wreaks his revenge on his defenseless constituents, it really looks like the staff isn’t really making much of an effort. Just consider the latest attempt at an attack on the Interim Finance Committee [...]

We’re Moving Again

Hey, that’s what we do in Vegas! We move in for a few days, find out how screwed the place is, and then we move out.

This time I’m moving into more permanent digs, though 10 years on Vote Gibbons Out is an eternity on the Internets. They are more permanent in the sense that the target [...]

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Dear Mr Senator Steven Horsford Sir,

I hear tell that you will be picking an artist for the official portrait of Nevada guberator and Chief Scallywag Jim Gibbons. (NNB)

I myself cannot think of a dumber waste of state funds during these trying times. However, if you insist on wasting money on such a dumbass project, my I [...]

We’ll Have to Pry Him Out with a Crowbar

You know, I could probably drive everyone nuts if I said I told you so every time I was right when predicting erratic behavior from the man we call Gube.

Still I’m gonna come right out and say it: I told you so.

Didn’t I warn you that if you didn’t vote for Jim Gibbons in the primary, [...]