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Gibbons’ Revenge

Jim Gibbons and his crew apparently have decided to take the rest of the state out with them in a vengeful reign of terror not seen since somewhere around the time of the Roman emperor Nero.

No, I’m sorry. That’s hardly a fair analogy. To Nero. Nero set fire to Rome in order to rebuild some slums. [...]

We Have Nothing to Fear But Gibbons Hisself

Oh, please, Mr. Guberner, give us hope in these trying times!

But, saith the Gibbers: “I would like to tell the citizens of Nevada
we have seen the worst of the economic
crisis and are seeing the fruits of
recovery,” But, of course, he won't:  “The decline in
unemployment has not been followed by an
increase in the employment base. Clearly the
federal [...]

Gøøber Goin’ Totally Palin

Stand back, Nevada! Jim Gibbons is going totally Palin on your ass!

Yep. Gibbons has gone rogue over the stimulus money, and singlehandedly usurped the powers of the Legislative Interim Finance Committee by approving at least 11 projects without any Legislative oversight. (INP)

Course, us'n Gibbons-Republicans–all 10% or so of us–think that the IFC is an unconstitutional, illegal [...]