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“You Could Run Mickey Mouse Against Him, and Mickey Would Win.”

"Gibbons is dead because Gibbons is dead. You could run Mickey Mouse against him, and Mickey would win." — Brad Coke — Mason-Dixon pollster, summing up Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons' recent showing in a Review-Journal poll. (RJ)

Frankly, that doesn't seem to be a problem. Plenty of Mickeys to go around.

It's Mouse [...]

Gibbons Country: The TIME TARDS!

See the memos showing that the fed travel ban against “lavish” and “resort” destinations started back in the Bush years here. See the Gube mindlessly blather here and here and here and…oh nevermind.

Anybody have any idea why our small minded gu’ment Gøøber all the sudden wants to create an overpaid new executive position in state gu’ment [...]

Who’s the Lamest? Gooblets

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The Sun raises the question today: who's the lamest Mayor who wants to be Gube? There's Oscar Goodman of Sou'Town, who, if he ran as an independent, would probably split the Clark County vote and hand the win to the survivor of the Republican primary. Hence, no doubt, Jim Gibbons has been on [...]

Who Will Replace Gibbons Gubelets

Molly Ball rounds up the usual suspects for the Deathrace 2010 Gubeathon. (RJ) Nor'Town's tanned, boy scoutish mayor Mike Montandon says he's gung-ho to challenge the Gube in the Republican primary. If you want to see how his money is, don't just check the mayor's reports over on Nor'Town's city site. You'll want to have a [...]

Big Fish, Little Fish

Look out, little Barrick Goldfish! The sharks are beginning to circle!

They must smell blood!

Or incompetence and failure.

The Sun fish-wrapper was stuffed full of Gubewannabes today. First off, the ever humble Mayor of Las Vegas was working on appointing his better half as his successor as he again (and again and again) teases the local fourth estaters [...]