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Gibbons’ Revenge

Jim Gibbons and his crew apparently have decided to take the rest of the state out with them in a vengeful reign of terror not seen since somewhere around the time of the Roman emperor Nero.

No, I’m sorry. That’s hardly a fair analogy. To Nero. Nero set fire to Rome in order to rebuild some slums. [...]

Finally Somebody Says It

Check out how Jon Stewart explains why Jim Gibbons lost the election–with one word. (DailyShow)

Meanwhile, Gibbons is threating to cut funding to a state job held by the woman who is suing him for firing her from her previous state job. Mary Keating is suing Gibbons because she claims he fired her after she made public [...]

Wallin Keeps Wailin’ on the Gøøber

Nevada Controller and Gibbons’ Nemesis Kim Wallin has hired Mary Keating. (AP) Mary Keating was the state worker (allegedly) wrongly fired by Gibbons and his budget director Andrew Clinger cuz she handed out information to a reporter about the Gube’s “prolific” sexting on a state phone and cuz she didn’t like Clinger’s displays of marital groping [...]

Legal Edition Gubelets

The Governors headed to court again. Or is that courts?

US Magistrate Robert McQuaid will be deciding if references to the Gibbons' divorce should be removed from the complaint by fired Gube staffer Mary Keating against Gibbers and a wife-mauling minion that she was wrongly discharged. Keating, not the wife. Gube lawyers claim that the divorce stuff [...]

Sexting Gubelets

Coal-enabler Jim Gibbons announces “green energy plan” apparently designed to provide employment for minority-party enabler and wingnut pusher Monte Miller. (Sun) Miller also provides funds for the legal defense slush fund and is treasurer of the skull and crossbones Keystone, corp., which spends money on an ex-president of the Nevada Puketards Rehabilitation Institute, who is apparently [...]

Atomic Gubelets

Usually the silly season shows up at the end of the Legislative session, not at the beginning. But, then, it's only the second time that a half-term lameduck has been gube during the festivities, and da gube seems committed to making this the goofiest session ever.

Just look at what's going on:

Gibbons appoints pro-Yucca Mountain Waste party-hack [...]

Time to Start the Betting Pool on Clinger

So, how long does Budget Director Andrew Clinger have left before he takes the bullet for the latest goobernatorial goof-up?

After Clinger and the Goober were sued by Mary Keating because she thought she was fired from her state job in retaliation for letting the taxpayers of Nevada know that the Goob was burning through their money [...]

Nevada’s Own Keating One

I know it’s not fair mentioning the Keating five incident again since the Republican candidate for president is such a noble war hero that he’d never get involved in a savings and loan scandal. Plus, it’s so passé, having been a topic of conversation so long ago. Like last week.

I mean, who can be bothered with [...]