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The Storm Comes to Harry Reid’s Office Tuesday

Forget teapartying. If you want to bug Harry Reid about something, bug him about the clean air act.

This showed up from the 1Sky folk today:

We’re almost two-thirds of the way through the 111th Congress, and our so-called “leaders” in Washington, DC still haven’t passed the kind of bold clean energy and climate [...]

How to do Oppo: Sue Lowden's Casinos

I’ve decided I can’t resist printing some of the yummy goodness coming out of the Harry Reid press office about Sue Lowden. Not so much for it’s value as a campaign tool against her, but rather as an example of how opposition research, or “oppo,” should be done. Just think all the days that went into it. Brings a tear to the old Monger’s eye, it does… [...]

The Last Train to Gibbersville

Let's see if we can sort out the "puzzling" chain of events surrounding the recent train wreck over trains:

Harry Reid secures $45 million in pork barrel spending for designing the maglev train project, and consequently forgets about it. Only in fed gov, the finance industry, or Iraq can one so easily lose a palette [...]

Gibbons’ Country: Senator McNugget Pays A Visit to Sherm’s Acres

Here’s some background on the faux dustup amongst the town good-old boys, in case you were doing something useful, like taking a nap, and missed it: Sleuth, CityBlog, Ralston, Gleaner.

A previous appearance by Senator Grumpy McNugget.

More Gibbons’ Country.

UPDATE: Bonus comic, kids! Meet “Tiny” (Ralston)

And Reid and Sherm kiss and make [...]

Gibbons’ Country: Senator Grumpy McNugget Comes to Visit

Choo choos in the news. (Sun,Sun)

Click the pic to see it up close.

For the record, that name for the choo-choo isn’t yet official.

Oh, yeah, there’s a historical reading assignment for you youngsters who missed Bush I.

More: [...]