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Gibbons’ Country: Pre-Game Show

Governor Jim Gibbons’ handlers let the Gube out of his cage for his pre-state o’ the state speech show to reveal that he has no idea what will be in his own budget.

Asked if there will be any lay offs under the budget he’ll be proposing, which will include 6% budget cuts to state workers, Gibbons [...]

Gibbons’ Country: The Eternal Return

Today’s episode of “Gibbons’ Country” answers the reoccurring question: why is the Gube calling yet another special session of the Legislature?

Click the pic to see it up close. Especially you guys wanting to see if you showed up in panel 3.

Panel 3 also contains some actual Gibbersish. (Sun,RJ) Tho, I admit it: Gibbons never actually said [...]

Gibbons Country: Reading That Book of Clichés

Somebody was talking about the Gibbons’ book of clichés the other day, so I’d thought I’d give a little seminar on what those cute little gibberisms really mean.

And a bunch of folks have caught the Gube lying about his reason for giving his press secretary Keikhefer the boot. (VT&S) But, so what? Stinky McCoaltard’s new sidekick [...]

Gibbons’ Country: Uncle Willy’s Busy Day

So, let’s see what happened at the special session.

It started out with a bunch of pictures of the Governor groping a former Playmate at a rodeo. We finally learn why the magic has gone out of the GIbbons’ marriage. Sez the Gube: “(there’s something that) takes the romance out of a friendship it’s being there when [...]

Gibbons’ Country: The Text Messaging Special Session

So, nobody wants the special session on Monday except Brian Krolicki so he can dance around with the world’s dumbest proposal for selling tabbaccy money. (RJ)

You think Minime‘s running for Dr. Evil Gube already?

This would be the special session which the treasurer of the state of Nevada says we don’t need. (RGJ)

No, wait… This just in. [...]

Gibbons’ Country: Still Under the Umbrella

Desperate, irrelevant Nevada Governor scrambles to appear like he actually matters by calling a pointless Yucca Mountain Summit. (RJ) We’ll see if anybody from the congressional delegation really wants to be seen in the same room as the Gube. (Sun,DamP)
Spokester sez Guber not sure if he has a wide or a narrow stance on the expansion [...]

Gibbons’ Country: Elko’s Revenge

You too can watch Jimbo wrap himself in the flag for decoration day. And who's that behind him? Why it's John "I Vote Against Veteran Benefits" Ensign hisself! (Brightcove)
Estranged wife "grateful" at news from an the Elko paper that hubby may be cheating. (Sun) You know, I really don't understand these Nevada marriages.
Scholars weigh in on [...]

Gibbons’ Country: Sordid Daytime Soap Edition

It’s the battle of the Rich Tahoe Gibbons’ cronies! Who’s lying? The alleged teeny-bopper fancier or the failed political bossman? (RJ)
Pity the poor Review Journal, it doesn’t know which one to discredit, tho it seems to be going after Mason. (RJ)
Pity the poor Gib-spokester who claims the GIbbers’ administration would not support a crappy appointee despite [...]

Gibbons’ Country: More Budget Cuts

Latest: Deck bass family, [...]

Gibbons’ Country: That Re-do That You Do So Well

Seems like everybody is re-doing everything these [...]