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Goober’s Lawsuits Will Outlast Him

The Nevada Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Reno Gazette-Journal in its lawsuit against putative Nevada governor Jim Gibbons. Gibbers will be required to hand over papers about his mysteriously disappearing gun permit. (RGJ)

You all will no doubt dimly recall that there were questions about how Gibbons was able to obtain a concealed weapons’ [...]

Life Under Fluted, Ionic Columns

Brendan Riley takes on the thankless task of trying to explain the Gube and his divorce to non-Nevadans. (AP) Now, all we need is somebody to explain it to us.
Dawn’s mouthpiece wants a change of venue from Carson City to Washoe County, where the events that led Gibbers to file papers "accrued." (INP,RGJ) Hey, if you [...]

Gibbons’ Country: Permits Required

“Sheriff decertifies Gibbons’ pistol instructor.” (RGJ)

How come everybody else besides the Gube ends up paying for his mistakes?

Naturally, Gibbons’ gun instructor was among the 10,000 or so who served on a transition team. (INP)

UPDATE: the Reno Gazette Journal is suing to get the Sheriff of Washoe County to disclose the status of the Gube’s concealed weapons [...]

Didn’t Notice He Was Missing, Did Ya?

Governor Jim Gibbons of Nevaahda was over in Texas for the Republican Gubathon the past few days. Which means Vice Gube Krolicki was in the driver’s seat. Hope the Gov has Treasurer Kate Marshall look over his office real good on his return. You know, just to see if anything is missing, or if she can [...]