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When Job Searches Go Bad

JIm Gibbons Gets a PinkslipThe Lame Duck Apparent sent out what, we can only hope, is the last message from the crack governor’s staff/re-elect the trainwreck committee:

Hello Nevada Voters,

This is your Governor, Jim Gibbons.

I am honored to serve you and I am asking for your vote for re-election.

Think of this election as applying for a job. I am the only candidate with experience and leadership on my resume.

Four of the leading organizations in Nevada have come out in the past two weeks to endorse and support my campaign.

I have been supported or endorsed by both of the state’s largest tea party organizations, Grassroots Nevada and Action is Brewing (AIB).

Grassroots Nevada researched and interviewed all candidates running for governor and chose to endorse Jim Gibbons because the group felt he “best served the interests of the conservative movement” in the state.

“The Governor won our Action is Brewing’s ‘Taxpayer tested/Grassroots approved’poll,” said Action is Brewing organizer Debbie Landis.

“Governor Gibbons has consistently exhibited pro-life principles throughout his years of political service,” said Jeremy Neil, executive director of LIFEPAC, a state political action committee for Nevada Right to Life.

“Our endorsement (for Governor Gibbons) is based on your dedication to law enforcement, homeland security, law and order and your distinguished career in pubic service,” said Ron Cuzze, President and CEO of Nevada State Law Enforcement Officers’ Association.

I am the only candidate with a track record of fighting higher taxes and fighting bigger government, while we create jobs and fix the economy.

A vote for Jim Gibbons…is the vote for LOWER TAXES, is the vote for SMALLER GOVERNMENT , and is the vote to PROTECT OUR CONSTITUTION.

God Bless You and we’ll see you at the polls on Tuesday.

Warmest Regards,
Jim Gibbons

I figured I would quote the whole thing because, well, we won’t be seeing any of those any more, if what the polls tell us indicate what will happen in what losers call “the only poll that matters” on election day.

Still, the Gibbers campaign insists there is hope–among the crazy in the state:

If Gibbons is to avoid becoming the first Nevada governor to lose a re-election bid in his party’s primary, his campaign will have to find a surge of voters who haven’t been identified by traditional polling methods.

Gibbons’ campaign is betting they’ll do just that by working the phones through Tuesday to bring out voters who identify with conservative Tea Party rhetoric, who support the governor’s hard-line, anti-tax stances.

“I’m not running from my record, I’m willing to run on my record,” Gibbons said Friday of the plan for the remainder of his campaign. “People who run their races based on polls are going to be surprised.” (RJ)

Ah, yes! Let’s create a campaign strategy that ignores all statistical science! That’ll work!

And, unfortunately for the campaign, they did run on his record. Tuesday will show what Nevadans thought of that.

Still, I had the singular opportunity to vote for Jim Gibbons once during this election. I had hoped to help Gibbons creep into the general election where all of you who voted for him in 2006 could feel shame for your insanity. Alas, that is very unlikely to be.

Unless…unless the lame duck interregnum provide ample opportunity for such reflection. But, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone–even those of you who voted for him in 2006.

Oh, and raise your hand if you really think Gibbons ran a moneyless campaign on principle:

His campaign said the more modest operation was, at least partly, a choice.

“He ran a very tight campaign because he feels strongly that at a time when he’s asking for the government to pull back the reins on spending, he doesn’t feel it’s appropriate to spend a lot of money on his own campaign,” his spokeswoman Jill Lufrano said. (Sun)

If you really believe that, then Gibbons is indeed your man. But, before you vote, please seek help. Immediately.

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1 comment to When Job Searches Go Bad

  • Gus

    Seems to me the real story, and which VGO should be all over, is which campaign will Bobbie U sign on with to drive in to the ground this fall?

    This spring, he’s successfully navigated Sue Lowden from 20-point favorite in the general to 10-point underdog in a primary in which her budget tripled all other candidates. So you’ve got to figure that even if Lowden pulls it off, she’ll be looking for other talent, right?

    Maybe he’ll get back with Joe Heck, whose campaign he so successfully ran in 08, when he saved 20% of the budget to use for the “inevitable” run for governor and then lost by 2% of the vote.

    Or maybe he’ll go back to work for his first love, the “lonely Governor,” who will have 6 1/2 months of lame duckery to play with before disappearing into humiliation and oblivion.

    Technically Bobbie U did win the 06 Gov race but given how the last four years have turned out for Nevada, and for him, its hard to fathom what he’ll do next.

    Democrats have to hope he doesn’t decide to pursue a new line of work.