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That Would Be A Lame Duck Special Session

Just when you thought it was safe, “Nevada authorities,” i.e., the gonads in the Gube’s office, announce that they might have to call yet another special session of the state legislature.

This time, however, the SNAFU is all Congress’s doing, as they go into full-blown pre-election meltdown mode.

Congress has decided that, contrary to the hard won lessons of the real Depression, that they have to nickel-and-dime the most vulnerable Americans in order to engage in some faux-deficit cutting. (Krugman)

What’s screwing up the state budget is Congress’s insane idea to cut Medicaid matching funds and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families. (Sun) The state was counting on the funds to balance the budget and without them, it’s back to Carson for the Legislature. Add to the mix a no-doubt lame duck Gibbons and nothing good can come from the mix.

Let’s not forget to add Congress’s dumbass idea to cut unemployment benefits and Cobra supplements. It’s as if they want to punish the unemployed for making them look bad in their election bids.

It is well worth asking all of our representatives, Shelley Berkley, Dina Titus, and Dean Heller, not to mention our high-powered Senators John Ensign and Harry Reid: what are you thinking? Why do you want to make things worse for those suffering most?

Cutting support to the unemployed only makes things worse for everyone. Who are businesses going to sell food to if nobody can buy? Is the idea to undermine those businesses as well? Put more people out of work? Force more people into bankruptcy and foreclosure? Undermine more banks?

And here in Nevada we compound the misery with “glitches” that make payments for thousands late. (RGJ)

Do you people really want so badly to be voted out? If so, I think that can be arranged.

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