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Pick Me! Pick Me!

Dear Mr Senator Steven Horsford Sir,

I hear tell that you will be picking an artist for the official portrait of Nevada guberator and Chief Scallywag Jim Gibbons. (NNB)

I myself cannot think of a dumber waste of state funds during these trying times. However, if you insist on wasting money on such a dumbass project, my I suggest that you send me the money, and I’ll Photoshop something up in a jiffy which will sum up the Gibbons gubeocracy to a “T”.

The Vote Gibbons Out Official Jim GIbbons Portrait -- Maybe

The above is just a sample, showing the Gøøber as a clueless David with a napkin hat while putative GOP insiders anoint Brian Sandoval behind his back.

True, Gibbers looks like an idealized fantasy of himself, but then that’s what the whole last 4 years have looked liked to the Gube, as far as I can tell.

Let me know if you want to follow up on my suggestion.

Sincerely, sorta, yours,

The ‘Monger

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