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Jim Gibbons: Brought to You By the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Jim Gibbons at the WheelIrony is reaching a fever pitch as we near the end Jim Gibbons’ trainwreck of a political career.

  • Jimbo doesn’t mind taking the credit for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects that keep Nevadans employed in these bad economic times. (DailySpark) And yes, he opposed them. (VGO)
  • DailyKos poll has Gibbers’ unfavorables at 62%. (TPM,DailyKos)
  • Gibbons says he won’t mind losing so much: “Well, because of freedom. It frees you up. If you lose, you get to do what you have always wanted to do. You get to take your talents and skills and go apply them to something in some other area.” (RGJ) Nevada, you have been warned. That’s probably the best reason to run out and vote for the man I’ve ever seen.
  • And I guess that resurrected Nevada Corporate Tourism Bailout Conference will double as a farewell party. (NN?B)
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