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Gibbons’ Revenge

Idea for the Official Portrait of Gibbons and the GangJim Gibbons and his crew apparently have decided to take the rest of the state out with them in a vengeful reign of terror not seen since somewhere around the time of the Roman emperor Nero.

No, I’m sorry. That’s hardly a fair analogy. To Nero. Nero set fire to Rome in order to rebuild some slums. Jim Gibbons seems to just want to set fire to the state for repudiating his crazy ideas by bitch-slapping him in the primary.

Today, a bipartisan collection of state senators politely called the gov an asshole for threatening to block information to the Interim Finance Committee, a committee the Gube and a few malcontents on the far right believe is unconstitutional. (Sun)

Of course, if the state senate had a majority of Republicans in it, no doubt Gibbons wouldn’t have a problem with it.

Even Bob Raggio and Pete Goicoechea signed off on a letter telling the Gøøber that he will breach his constitutional duty if he fails to cooperate fully with the IFC.

Just like when Gibbons fled the House, where he was under investigation for ethics violations, and when he fled that parking garage, the Gov apparently wants to leave his final office one step ahead of the authorities.

Hey, it’s not too late to impeach, guys!

Elsewhere, the Interim Finance Committee followed up on a recommendation from the State Board of Examiners to waste $20,000 on a portrait of Nevada’s worst guberator. (NNB,RJ) One can only wonder what the committee was thinking, unless they hoped that the artist would chose a Laocoon-based theme for the portrait, as I did above, depicting the Gube in everlasting torment, crushed by large, phallic objects.

Frankly, one would be hard pressed to think of a greater waste of state funds than for the Gibbons’ portrait. Surely anything in the state budget would take priority. Like test tubes for UNLV, or TP for legislative bathrooms.

Hey Mike Fischer! How's this for an official portrait?Unless, of course, Michael Fischer of the Cultural Affairs Department decides to pick me for the artist. Then, I would hardly be able think of a better use for the money. Hey, I’m just a principled as the Gøøber!

How about the one to the left, Mike?

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Ross Miller not-so-politely called Gibbons an asshole, or more particularly, a “petulant 15-year-old” at the prison panel meeting. Oddly, the Gube seemed to agree:

When Miller made the motion to halt — at least temporarily — the move by Skolnik to close the prison, Gibbons asked for him to define what he meant.

Miller responded by saying anyone with common sense knows what halting a move to close the state prison means, and those who claim they don’t understand were playing political games and behaving like a “petulant 15-year-old.”

Gibbons did not respond to his comment. (RJ)

15-years, eh, Mr. Miller? Why pick that number?

Meanwhile, remember that guy that Gibbons hired to be stimulus czar after the legislature and the State Controller picked the woman who accused Gibbers of firing her over the text-messaging thing to be their stimulus czar and he got all pissy about it? And remember how that guy turned out to be pretty much incompetent?

Me neither, but a day or two ago the Gube announced that the stimulus czar was supposed to leave, and a day later, he’s back. You know, like a bad penny.

Bizarrely, the IFC–the committee Gibbons wants to kill–voted to fund both stimulus positions for over $200,000. (RJ)

Man, that IFC is full of masochists, ain’t it? I suppose they can take the money out of unemployment benefits or something.

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