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Finally Somebody Says It

Jon Stewart lists Jim Gibbons Crimes against reasonCheck out how Jon Stewart explains why Jim Gibbons lost the election–with one word. (DailyShow)

Meanwhile, Gibbons is threating to cut funding to a state job held by the woman who is suing him for firing her from her previous state job. Mary Keating is suing Gibbons because she claims he fired her after she made public his use of a state cell phone to text Kathy Karrasch, his D.C. party-plane pal. (Sun)

Meanwhile, a fellow who threatened to Nuke the Gube has been extradited from Arizona to face charges of conveying false information concerning acts of terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, lethal agents or toxins.  (NevadaAppeal) Oh, and chopping down some trees in Henderson.

Meanwhile, still not quite ex-Mrs. Gibbons gave a rather uninteresting postmortem of the Nevada primary race, but made up for it with one of the most unflattering pics ever. (TPM) Oddly, she doesn’t blame Sue Lowden’s meltdown on her arch-nemesis Bobby Uithoven, who was fired after Gibbons was elected Gube in 2006–rumors say–at Mrs. Dawn’s urging. Nowadays, you have to get in line to fire Bobby.

Meanwhile, Rory Reid discovers the worst thing he can call Brian Sandoval is, you guessed, Jim Gibbons. (RGJ)

Man, the Gube is sure making it hard to shut this f-ing blog down.

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1 comment to Finally Somebody Says It

  • It really seems a shame to shut down a blog with any following at all, if you know what I mean and I think you do. Gibbons is bound to do something interesting in his lame duck era!