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Drama Queen Attacks “Obama Drama”

Hey Kids! Get Your Governor Jim GIbbons Decoder Ring Today!Looks like the Nevada Governor’s office/Re-elect Gibbons team has started drowning their sorrows a tad early at the prospect of losing big next Tuesday.

I say this based on the evidence of the following campaign e-mail emanating from said office:

Dear Nevada Voters,

Hello, this is your Governor, Jim Gibbons.

The “Obama Drama” in Nevada has started, and we have all heard “Spend-it-all” LIE about his liberal “Tax-us-all” agenda.

“Whinin’ Brian” is saying anything, and doing everything to cover up the “Spend-it-all” Seven Year Tax Hike he rammed down our throats, just like Obama did with the Reid/Obama/Pelosi Nationalized Health Care fiasco.

“Spend-it-all” Sued Nevada Voters to Raise Our Taxes, and we are still paying his tax hikes today!

Join me, Governor Jim Gibbons, to stop “Spend-it-all”, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and the rest of the Liberal Progressives.

Get a friend and get to the polls. Your future and the future of Nevada depend on it.

I ASK FOR YOUR VOTE. Let’s protect our way of life, protect our Constitution and stand by our true conservative values.

God bless you, and let’s get to work.

Warmest Regards,
Jim Gibbons

Man,  that screed is so twisted, you wonder if “our” Gube actually wrote it himself. I guess it’s written in code so that only those with the Gibbons’ secret decoder ring can figure out what the hell it’s talking about. As far as I can tell, the team is trying to make us think that Brian Sandoval–he’s “spend/tax-it-all”–is really a tri-pated monster with the heads of Obama, Pelosi, and the elder Reid.

Note how the team has seven-year itches on the mind. Who knew that the 2003 tax hikes were seven-year tax hikes? Though I suspect the campaign would prefer to call it a fifteen-year tax, to keep the campaign message consistent with the whole Gibbons’ package. So to speak.

What the hell is “Obama Drama,” anyway? Do you think the team even proof-reads this stuff?

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