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The Master Race

Okay. let’s face it. There is nothing intelligent that could possibly be said about the latest gambit by the crack Official Gube Staff/Re-elect Gibbons In-Kind Donation team. Gibbons bringing up a stupid remark that Sandoval made when AG to the effect that he, Sandoval, thought the AG should even defend a hypothetical law to put yellow stars of David on Jewish Nevadans should the Nevada Legislature pass such a law, was as stupid as the original remark by Sandoval. (SlashPolitics,Schwartz,Crum)

Before everyone gets all huffy and PC about the affair, just keep this in mind: It makes both candidates look stupid, and how is that a bad thing?

Still, I suppose I have to say something, so here it is. Give it a sec to fully load:

The music is, of course, from Spike Jones and the City Slickers.

And, oh lookie. A Gibbons’ pon farr pal has a full confessional in the Reno News and Reviews. Yes, it’s as interesting as you would expect a description of Vulcan sex practices.

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2 comments to The Master Race

  • double true


    I am continually amazed by the people who run the Gibbons campaign/governors office communications. This press releases came FROM A SITTING GOVERNOR! This crap would get laughed out of town in any other state. Here, it’s seen as a semi-legitimate play to the base.

  • Der Fuhrer!
    THAT is about a funneee and clever as anything you’ve done!
    Sometimes a picture (video) is worth a million words.