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Oooooh Bobby, Bobby, Bobby!

One of my favoritestie peoples in the whole world, the man who brought you Jim Gibbons, is old Bobby Uithoven. Bobby’s most recent job–for the time being at least–is Chicken Sue Lowden’s campaign manager.

You’d think after navigating Gibbons through that gaffe-a-day campaign in 2006, Bobby would find Lowden’s chicken for a doctor shtick easy to paint over. Alas, one begins to wonder if Siggy Rogich was the real cover-up artist in 2006 given UIthoven’s amateurish handling of the the health care barter boondoggle.

Witness, for example, Bobby’s recent visit to Pate to Pate and his post-apocalyptic vision of health care:

Yes, you might get your bullet wounds healed at the local hospital, but eventually the doctors will want to get paid, and not in chickens. By the way, there is no more expensive way to get treatment than in the emergency room. That’s a health care plan?

Bobby’s contention that one could slip down to the local public hospital is especially laughable in Nevada. There’s only one in the state and it’s in Vegas.

Still, Bobby is a very, very bad boy for filling our heads with phantasms of him with a bullet hole in his chest. Stop teasing us, Bobbo!

[UPDATE: Oh, Bobby. If your explaining, you're losing. (Plum)]

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