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Jim Gibbons Touts Obama-Pelosi-Reid Big-Government Bailouts

Jim Gibbons wants to hang out with these guys???In a surprise move today, Jim Gibbons has apparently decided yet again to mock all political predictions by defying the very rules of reason and logic.  No doubt a clever ploy to convince the right-wing of the Nevada Republican party that only he is a true conservative in the true psychotic Nevada tradition, Gibbons vocally supported a big-government program forced upon freedom loving Americans by the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Democratic majority.

The guberator stated today, in a taxpayer-funded in-kind campaign contribution euphemistically called an “official” press release, that an obscure government task force had developed a broadband map of the state.

A quick investigation of the website for the task force reveals a link to, the official fed gov website where all those evil bailouts and stimulus funds are documented and that all real Americans hate because they created jobs and avoided an apocalyptic meltdown of the financial system that would have finally allowed the building of Dr. Strangelove-like harems in deep caves.

Gibbons apparently missed the memo about how “evil” the stimulus funds are supposed to be. It turns out that the only reason the Gube had any funds for the broadband map in the first place was due to American Recovery and Reinvestment Act money earmarked for the project.

Say, perhaps the guv is just anticipating his winning the primary and has decided to reach out to progressive Nevada Democrats. Or, then again, maybe the campaign has just completely lost it.

Elsewhere, the Gube tries to make it up to MGM for sticking his nose into the Perini lawsuit by appointing one of their own to the Nevada Homeland Insecurity Panel. I hear that gets you a key to the Carson City Fusion Center harem.

Plus: your daily dose of Lowden Chicken S#!t:

[Update: Harry Reid thanks Gibbons for Gibbers' nice words about Democratic policies:

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today after Governor Gibbons highlighted the benefits of the Recovery Act for Nevadans in expanding broadband access throughout the state:

“I’m glad the governor recognizes how the Recovery Act is benefiting the people of Nevada,” Reid said.  “Creating jobs for Nevadans has been my priority since I led passage of the Recovery Act over a year ago.  Governor Gibbons acknowledged that this part of the Recovery Act has benefited Nevadans tremendously by creating jobs, lowering taxes, and creating opportunities that never before existed.

“Nevadans throughout the state will soon have access to high-speed Internet, a vital tool for safety, education, and economic growth. From increasing broadband access to creating permanent green jobs, the Recovery Act will continue to help Nevadans for many years to come.” ]

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