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Desperate Candidate Abandons All Principle

A GibboddityYou won’t believe this, but as the career of James Tiberius Gibbons quietly withers away like a worm on the Strip, I was going to ease up on him. After all, the Gube will be a quasi-private citizen in a few weeks, and beating up on Gibbons as a private citizen would be a no-no, even for someone as lacking a moral compass as the ‘Monger.

True, he’ll still be Gube, and if he attacked Utah or tried to use his office to grope a gal or dodge taxes, well surely I’d jump in. But, I was planning just to quietly moth ball VGO and move on to more interesting things.

But then I read that the local Fetus Protection League has endorsed Gibbons for Goofernor:

Jeremy McNeil, Executive Director of LIFEPAC, the state political action committee for Nevada Right to Life, announced that LIFEPAC has endorsed Governor Jim Gibbons in the Nevada governor race.

“Governor Gibbons has consistently exhibited pro-life principles throughout his years of political service,” McNeil said.  “While a representative in congress, Governor Gibbons frequently voted in favor of pro-life laws.  As governor, we are confident he will continue to ensure the safety of the innocent unborn.” (IdiotPAC)

Okay, go ahead. Scream “WTF?” at the screen. Get it out of your system.

Faithful readers of VGO will note that the consistency alluded to by the Nevada antiabortionoids is as elusive as sobriety and good taste in a nudie bar. (VGO,VGO) Who could forget Gibbers’ forgettable 1996 race for Congress where he knocked out his GOP primary opponents by playing the pro-choice card? Why, over and over folks heard:

Gibbons said he was “pro-choice” and defined that as believing that the government does not need to interfere with the private lives of individuals. “It’s so personal, the state ought not to be involved.” (VGO)

Except when a desperate candidate needs some votes in a close election.

Wait. Did I say “close”? I’m soooo funny. If you haven’t heard, a recent poll from the Republican Gube Association as Sandoval leading Gibbers 50% to 27%.

Still, it is somehow fitting that the most ignominious political career in Nevada history come to end all sleazy and goofy. After all, that’s how it’s been all along.

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