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Article, Interview Reveal Lying Skank

Gibbons Sanford KarraschIn a recent article in Reno News and Review, followed by an appearance on Pate to Pate, alleged Jim Gibbons’ paramour Kathy Karrasch “told all” about her relationship with the gregarious gube. Of course, “told all” amounted to setting up a spin like unto a tire in the desert, so that more dust than light was thrown over the gov’s checkered past.

Nonetheless, the Gov came out of the folderol looking like a lying skank.

Despite his protests to the contrary, Gibbons was clearly working it with Karrasch while still married to the Dawnster despite the fact Karasch-apparently–showed the good taste to tell him to buzz off.

Oh, remember how Gibbers keeps saying he’s all monastic and platonic and stuff? Have a look at a letter penned by Karrasch herself in which she admits Gibbons is a dating fool and that all that sexting between the two was not so innocent as she claimed.

Jim Gibbons is Not Dead, Yet!Meanwhile, Gibbons trotted out the usual voter initiative thingy he uses as a trick to gain voter attention. Remember the supermajority requirement for tax increases and “education first”? Both were voter initiatives dreamed up by Gibbons during election campaigns. So far he’s only had 50% success with that ploy since he lost his first election to Bob Miller while sticking us with the 2/3rd majority idiocy. Looks likes he’s working on a 1/3rd success rate.

This time the initiative is aimed at requiring more government transparency by making government-union salary negotiations public. (Sun) Of course, this is coming from a gube who’s spent the last three years covering up e-mails and texts–and years prior to that using government secrecy to fund gonzo projects without any public scrutiny. But, remember, this isn’t about policy; it’s about getting elected.

Meanwhile, a Gibbons connection to Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan showed up today. Apparently one discredited journalist Byron York dug up some unsubstantiated claim that Kagan while working in the Clinton White House defended someone who leaked some information to an “eco-terrorist” group during an investigation of same.

It turns out the allegations were an invention of a congressional task force created by discredited Representative Don Young. Guess who Young appointed to run the task force? One discredited backbencher named Jim Gibbons.

Democrats considered the task force such a witch hunt that they refused to take part.

Committee ranking Democrat George Miller (Calif.) has criticized the creation of the task force for prolonging a matter the committee already had spent more than a year investigating, excluding Democrats from the reasoning behind holding more hearings, and issuing subpoenas for information without holding committee votes, he said.

Miller wrote Young on March 4 saying he would not “legitimize” the proceedings by appointing a Democratic member to the task force.

“We consider it an absolute waste of time,” Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.), in whose district the protest took place, said after the task force went into executive session. “They are acting as though this is a grand jury,” he said of the task force’s security measures. “If the Forest Service is found to have made any mistakes, that should be conducted in public,” DeFazio said. (Media Matters)

Of course, Mr. Transparency Gibbons, the fellow with the new open gov initiative and the man who criticized the legislature for private meetings, immediately moved to keep the task force meetings secret. Yep. Can’t be too careful when investigating hippies. Naturally, Media Matters goes on to list just a few of Gibbons’ ethical lapses, just to prove how well qualified he was to run a monkey trial.

Meanwhile, the LA TImes notes that the Gube is not dead yet, at least he wasn’t before he started accusing Sandoval of being a Nazi sympathizer. Hey, you blink and Gibbons is gaffing it up again.

Meanwhile, the only people left who support Gibbons admit he’s a loser.

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2 comments to Article, Interview Reveal Lying Skank

  • Scandalperson,
    That letter.. just like Ralston’s sordid concoction of a story.. is bogus. It’s part of the scheme to inculcate Nevada’s apathetic voters with enough sleaze.. to try to get the goober re-elected.
    In Nevada sleaze is King.
    Not even the protagonist of this bogus story could have such lousy quality control to want to hook up with that antediluvian geek masquerading as a governor.

  • PS
    And here we thought you were going to tell us the goober was trying to hook up with her.
    Who knows? Maybe he was.. is?