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Yep, He’s Our Little Promise Keeper

Our Little Promise Keeper Steps OutOne of Jim Gibbons’ staffers–campaign, gubernatorial, what’s the difference?–was sporting a cheaply made campaign button at the Teabaggers for Political Elites rally up in Carson the other day. The button proclaimed proudly that “Governor Gibbons: He Kept His Promise.”

The button can only raise the question: which promise was that?

Was it the promise to love and honor his wife? No, couldn’t have been that one, since it has now been over 18 months since our couragous fighter pilot let a court official tell Dawn that he was bored and she should pack her stuff and leave the gube manse.

Was it the promise to pay up that divorce settlement he applied his John Hancock to? No, couldn’t be that promise, since he has failed to pay up and so end the marriage. Gibbons’ pals in the right-wing press have been complaining about Dawn still being on the state payroll, but as George Knapp put it recently:

She is still the first lady for the simple reason that Jim Gibbons will not live up to the agreement that was hammered out in their divorce proceeding. That agreement called on Jim Gibbons to put the couple’s Reno home up for sale, along with a parcel of undeveloped land near Elko, with the proceeds split down the middle. The divorce agreement won’t become final until Gibbons lives up to his half of the agreement. So far, he won’t. (CityLife)

So, maybe it was that promise not to raise taxes? Dan Hart, Jim Gibbons’ new pal, has been giving Brian Sandoval grief for defending the shenanigans of the Legislature during the 2003 tax wars while Nevada’s Attorney General and he was suing to raise taxes. But, lest we forget, Jim Gibbons slipped an increase to the room tax into the 2009 budget, then refused to sign the final bill to cover his anti-tax butt, but only after misleading legislators into thinking he would sign it. (RJ) Conservatives slammed Gibbons for breaking his pledge at the time, but at this point I suppose we’re all so jaded about Gibbons’ lying that we don’t even notice it anymore.

Still, Gibbons has surprisingly supported one promise. Remember how he started out as the education governor? You know, back before the no-tax thing left the state educational system in a rubble. Well, despite that, he has provided Nevadans with an astonishingly thorough introduction to the state constitution and the Nevada Revised Statutes. Why, from day one, we’ve had to consult those laws to determine when exactly the governor is supposed to be sworn in and whether that allows him to undercut the appointments of his predecessor. (CityLife) Why, think about how much we’ve learned about legal defense slush funds, the taxing of Elko faux cattle ranches, the investigation of sexual assault cases, the proper storage of illegal nannies (in the basement, of course), divorce law, and now, among myriad other examples, the constitutional relationship between the governor and the attorney general. (SlashPolitics)

Just think. Would we have learned any of that stuff under a governor Titus? I think not!

Just today there was yet one new thing to discover, which will hardly be a surprise to anyone, and that is that folks hardly ever put their money where their mouth is. Take the gube’s attempt to start yet another slush fund to pay for his suit against the gum’ment over health care. The Re-elect Gibbons Frivolous Lawsuit Fund has pulled in a grand total of $890. (Sun) Well, at least that beats the $261 for the education “gift certificates.” Mr. Gibbons is perhaps learning something, too, namely why tax laws come with penalties if folks don’t pay. Otherwise, you’ll never get anything out of them.

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1 comment to Yep, He’s Our Little Promise Keeper

  • John Stevens

    In his State of the State Address last week, Jim Gibbons repeated over and over and over again how he wouldn’t raise taxes without once mentioning the fact that his budget included a whopping $292 million tax hike! It’s buried in the fine print within the 2,870 pages of the governor’s “Executive Budget: 2009-2011 Biennium” proposal. This is the 3rd largest tax increase in the States history. He broke his no new tax pledge.
    Chuck Muth…..