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Why Isn’t Jim Gibbons in Jail?

Mr. Jim Gibbons! It's not 1864!Couple of weirdities showed up this week in Gibbons’ Country leading to the perennial question: Why isn’t Jim Gibbons in jail?

  • Mr. Fiscal Responsibility Gibbons has allowed the security folk to dump a bunch of rocks on the Carson City Capitol grounds over a letter sent to all 50 governors that turned out hardly to be threatening to anybody. Indeed, even the Las Vegas Review Journal couldn’t help pointing out that “no other governor took a similar reaction to the letter, according to news accounts. And the scare that moved Gibbons to order new precautions hasn’t spread to the nearby Supreme Court, the Legislative Building and the attorney general’s office .” (RJ) Given that the security precautions are just part of an obvious campaign ploy, shouldn’t they be listed as in-kind contributions, and the Gube arrested for use of government funds on his campaign?
  • Gibbons, in his role as a member of the Board of Examiners voted in favor of start up costs for the new health bill that he is suing the feds to kill. (BW) Gibbons–who doesn’t really want, all teabagger-like, to emulate our forefathers who actually made sacrifices like going to jail and getting shot as part of their protests–said he wouldn’t put the state in “direct violation of the law.” Why not? Then he could ask the attorney general to defend him at his trial–for treason. So, come on! Does he really believe that the health care bill is unconstitutional or not? Then why won’t he go to jail to protect the Constitution of America? Faux patriot, indeed!
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1 comment to Why Isn’t Jim Gibbons in Jail?

  • ScandalPerson, 4/17/10
    Most of the rest of the (BURP!) media.. especially in Reno.. is dysfunctional and belong in jail themselves. They are deathly afraid and jealous of people like you and Sam who are not afraid to tell the Truth.. unlike the “real” (BURP!) media and those beloved bloviating pundits.

    Sam for Congress