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Well, What About Gibbons?

Dumb Blond Gropes Dumb BlondFollow the link below to view a video clip from the recent visit by Ann Coulter to the fine city of Henderson.

What you’ll see in the first bit is Gibbons’ muscling his unwelcome self on stage to introduce Ms. Coulter as one of the “greatest voices” for conservative values and a “lady” who gives us–Gibbons anyway–”hope for democracy”.

Be apprised, however, that the next bit finds the “greatest voice” for conservative values entertaining the family crowd with indelicate jokes about such Republican family values as anal rape and sodomy. Turn up the volume towards the end so you can hear how someone in that conservative crowd adds a certain Republican governor’s name to the list of putative liberal sodomites…

What About Gibbons?

Oh, yeah. The person doing the video was a real spaz.

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