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The Firestorm of Demagoguery

Nevada's Moses?Nevada governor Jim Gibbons, or “Moses” as the gube staff/re-elect the guv committee likes to call him, got all biblical yesterday on his 423rd appearance on Fox News:

Well, I think you see the — actually, the firestorm of politics in Nevada, no different than the firestorm of politics that’s brewing across the nation. I think there’s going to be tremendous changes in the United States Senate, House of Representatives. A lot of the House seats across this country are going to change hands. And even in Nevada, we’re going to see different make-up of our own bicameral legislative house, as well. (Greta)

The Guv was all fired up, if you will, by his signing a proclamation to join the lawsuit over the health care bill, which he and a handful of other scared incumbents are pursuing in order to distract the electorate from their failures  during the economic crisis. (RJ)

Naturally, the Gube misses the obvious implication of his little sermon. The political firestorm, such as it is, is an anti-incumbency firestorm. Perhaps the Guv has overlooked a few simple facts, like he is (a) an incumbent and (b) an extraordinarily incompetent incumbent and (c) an extraordinarily unpopular incumbent.

Still, no doubt the craven core of his support is lapping up the Guv’s rhetoric like a dog at its own sick. The teabaggers are no doubt loving it, and the state GOP, desperate to stitch together a few rags from the tatters of the ruined cloth of the party, are anxious to cater to the teaparty extreme. So they struggle: who will the extremists like best? The invisible judge or the fire-breathing incumbent who is even more desperate than they to please them?

However, it may all be for the good. Gibbons may use his demagoguery to squeeze past Brian Sandoval in the primary. At that point, despite polls showing Gibbons neck-and-neck with Rory Reid, Gibbons will be faced with voters for whom he alone will be incentive enough to vote for the other guy.

If kicking Gibbons out can’t get Democrats and Independents off the couch, then nothing can.

Indeed, some new folks have just figured that out, long after us’n Nevada RIROs did.

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