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That Darn Cat!

That Darn Gibbons!The main thing we learn from the new mountain of paper excreted in the Mazzeo v. Gibbers law suit has a truly Nixonian taint to it. There are 2 minutes and 11 seconds of video tape missing which may have been mysteriously recorded over, and that gap covered precisely the time when Jim Gibbons may have been entertaining Ms. Mazzeo with his imitation of a Vulcan coming into heat after a 15 year dry period. (RJ)

Woah, dude! That’s double the normal pon farr! No wonder the Gube went all amok time on her!

Anyway, the main evidence for the tape gap is that darn cat with which much fun was had back when folks started looking over the garage tapes. That darn cat appears in two distinct camera views at the same time, except that the cameras are pointing at two different places:

[T]he viewable evidence supports the conclusion that two minutes, eleven seconds of the tape were cut out and the tape re-recorded to add in the time sequence based on the cat Gibbons’ expert missed. A stray alley cat passes through the garage on the west side of the parking garage and is seen by one of the elevator cameras in the vicinity of the first floor southwest elevator between 21:59:55 and 22:00:01 (see, box Exhibit 57) The same cat is then seen by the first floor camera mounted in the southeast corner of the parking garage (the same view showing Rogich and Georgeanna entering the parking garage in Exhibit 24) crossing on the other side of the garage between 21:59:59 and 21:59:57. See, box Exhibit 58. See also, box Exhibit 59 and box Exhibit 60 showing close-ups of the cat passing through the southeast corner of the garage. Since the cat cannot be two places at the same time (and it takes no expert to come to that conclusion), prima facia evidence exists that the tape was cut and spliced.

Exhibit 57 is the left three frames, 58 the right. You can look up the rest in the legal brief by Chrissy’s lawyer.

The Amazing Teleporting Cat!No doubt Gibbons’ lawyers will argue that in fact the kitty in question is some kind of Borg-cat, capable of instantaneous teleportation precisely timed to allow it to appear in the two camera views.

Seem far-fetched? Why should it? Haven’t we heard at least three versions of Gibbons’ Ulysses-like wanderings on Jim’s Night Out with Chrissy?

You don’t want to miss the photo reconstructions of Gibbons’ three versions of his wanderings. They become more convoluted with each re-telling.

Doesn’t it remind you of the ever-changing story Gibbons tossed out on Jim’s Big Day when Jon Humbert caught Gibbons at the airport? First we heard that he didn’t know Kathy Karrasch was on the same flight and then, four or five reconstructions later, we find that Ms. Karrasch in fact accompanied him to the National Gube Convention so that she might enjoy a three-way grope with cheater Governor Sanford.

Why, Mr. Gibbons seems extremely practiced in the art of re-telling a story, doesn’t he?

The "GIbbons Stretch"

By the way, the above is a VGO exclusive. It shows the governor re-enacting how the gap appeared on the tape.

Don’t ask me why he felt the need to cross-dress. Ditto Rogich.

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