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Stabbing Our Eyes Out Would Be More Pleasant…

…than watching the following video, designed by the Mike Montandon For Inevitable Political Obscurity campaign…

Those of us in Nor’Town, who are enjoying the ex-mayor’s concept of job growth as the city quickly decomposes into a ghost town, would probably enjoy the gube contest much more if one of his opponents would bring up his disastrous tenure as mayor and its lackadaisical approach to budgeting as a campaign talking point. Alas, the ex-mayor’s incompetence at making even a dent in the juggernaut of money the anointed, silent judge has accrued, or in the just as daunting juggernaut of goofiness the braying Gube has conjured up, makes such a airing of the mayor’s dirty, anti-gay, anti-choice undies less than unlikely.

Too bad. All that’s left is to make fun of his lame web-ads. Until he runs for congress in district one in 2012 that is.

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