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Protecting American Boarders and the Irish

Protecting American BoardersThe crack re-elect Gibbons and Nevada state gubernatorial In-kind Donation Committee has apparently discovered the theme for Jim Gibbons’ re-election effort. Besides using taxpayer funded official state press releases to get out its latest buffoonery, the team has decided that the Gibbers’ best chance lies with an appeal to animal lovers and the Irish.

How else to interpret the Guv’s use of the taxpayer funded official state governor’s website to announce “Governor Sends Letter to President Obama Asking for Action to Protect America’s Boarders” seen to the right in a screen capture from earlier today?

One can only speculate about the motivation for the announcement. Is Gibbons suddenly concerned about the conditions at Nevada’s many kennels? Have there been reports of lax standards by owners returning from vacation to find Fido working as a day laborer in front of Lowe’s??

Many Nevadans still remain confused over the Gube’s concern for the Irish as well, as reported last week:

“If you’re going to racially profile an Irishman, then I’m going to question that. The constitution gives us all certain rights.” (Sun)

Why would the Gov be so concerned over folk who aren’t even American citizens? Will the Governor soon be modifying his views about the right of Guantanamo prisoners in his campaign to extend constitutional protections to non-citizens?

Or should we be combining the two messages? Is the Gube warning us of an impending threat from Irish Setters?

Meanwhile, those two-faced back stabbers over at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce have pulled a Caesar on our sitting guberner. Perversely, one of the most libertarian, anti-tax groups in the state has not endorsed Jim Gibbons for governor, choosing instead to support Brian Sandoval (INP) Why, you’d think Gibbons with his single-minded and single-themed campaign would be the clear fave for the fatcats.

Good Lord! Who will they support when Gibbons makes it into the general? Rory Reid?

Finally, the Gube insisted today that his no-taxes message hasn’t hurt him. (NevAppeal)

Just the rest of us.

Ready for the most blatant bit of humbuggery to be heard yet in this election cycle? Gibbons claims his no-tax stance is “unpopular”:

“It may not be popular to say no new taxes, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to watch more people get laid off, I’ll be damned if I’m going to let businesses close their doors and go away,” Gibbons said.

Huh. If the message of “no new taxes” were unpopular to Gibbons’ base, Gibbons would be the first in line demanding a state income tax with a 75% top bracket.

Yes, the gov has really lost it this time. He’s happily stood by while thousands were laid off, and because he won’t raise or even reapportion taxes, he is directly responsible for layoffs in the public sector, both at the state and local level. How benighted is it to lay off people from the state, the only employment he has any control over, so that they won’t be able to buy stuff from Nevada merchants and businesses, and they may have to lose their homes to foreclosure, further undermining housing prices?

Just imagine that we had a governor who had not alienated the President. He could then lobby the for short term aid for teachers, firefighters, police, and other public employees, who could then remain in the state, pay taxes and mortgages, and support local businesses at a time they need it most.

Instead we have Gibbons, who never learned the lessons of the Great Depression, where short term deficit spending on public employment helped jump start the economy. He insists on alienating old Fed Gov, the only entity that can deficit spend and get away with it. Instead, Gibbons will simply add to the problem  by laying off even more people and continue stealing from cities and counties, forcing them to throw more people into the unemployment lines.

Maybe that’s why the Chamber dumped him. They realize the more people Gibbons lays off, the fewer people there will be to buy crap from the folks at the local chamber of commerce.

If Gibbons really wanted to protect something, it should be Nevada jobs, not the Irish.

Editorial note: Brian Sandoval is not to be confused with, nor is he related to, Patricia Sandoval, the nanny who used to work,  illegally at the time, for the Gibbonses.

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