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Nevada Governor Adopts Washington Based, Big Government Solution

Serving Nevadas by Jim GibbonsNevada Governor Jim Gibbons, in an astounding endorsement of the Federal Government, stated today that his office would be unable to administer the high risk insurance pool required by new Health Insurance law. (Gube,RJ)

Gibbons In essence conceded that his economic policies have left the state so bankrupt that despite a handout of $61 million dollars, his administration is simply too incompetent to handle the job. The Gube claimed it would divert the attention of his staff, far too busy mangling press releases and cleaning up after the weekly gaffe, from “serving Nevadans during this recession.”

Nevadans, wondering if Gibbons was referring to the story by Damon Knight, would no doubt much prefer that Gibbons take his last month or two administering insurance plans instead of “serving Nevadans.”

Meanwhile, the Harry Reid campaign responded to the Gube’s admission of failure in the way:

“Jim Gibbons is once again proving whose side he is on, and it’s not on the side of struggling Nevadans.  He is turning down $61 million that Sen. Reid helped secure for our state to help people who can’t get insurance because of pre-existing conditions.  Fortunately for uninsured Nevadans living with pre-existing conditions, there are fallback provisions that will allow them to participate despite the Governor’s unwillingness to help.  Maybe Nevadans shouldn’t be surprised, though.  This is the same guy who wants to reopen the Medicare doughnut hole, raise taxes on more than 27,000 small businesses and let insurance companies dictate when you can see your doctor.”

Clearly the Reid campaign is mistaken. Gibbons would certainly love to serve Nevadans, with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

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