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Main Stream Media Notes Obvious

Time Magazine's Creep of the YearTime magazine stretched itself today to note the obvious, namely that sexual harassers Jim Gibbons and John Ensign are among the least influential non-celebrities on the planet:

Jim Gibbons
Governor of Nevada
He had a 10% approval rating. He had too many scandals for Nevada to handle.

John Ensign
Nevada Senator
His sex scandal is so confusing — he gave a job to the husband of the woman he was cheating on his wife with (I think) — that it’s taking forever for him to be thrown out of office. (Time)

Time is an example of a type of news medium, once popular in the 19th and 20th centuries, called a “news magazine,” sometimes printed on expensive, glossy paper and funded by corporate elites to keep their names, and their corporations, out of those very magazines. I note this for our younger readers, who may never have seen one. A “news magazine,” I mean. Not a corporate elite.

The Guv did respond to the accolade saying: “I guess TIME doesn’t think fighting for lower taxes, smaller government and the constitution is influential.” (Fox5) Well, TIME might be more impressed if the person doing all that fighting (a) had a chance in Hell of actually winning the fight and (b) wasn’t so preoccupied thinking up a weekly gaffe.

John Ensign: Time Magazine's Employer of the Year!Meanwhile…How ironicabobble is it that alleged Chrissy Mazzeo masher Jim Gibbons gets all upset in the latest campaign missive from the Official Re-elect Jim Gibbons In-kind Contributions Committee in the Gube’s office about an alleged federal “intrusion”?

“I want a Nevadan in this fight against this federal intrusion,” Governor Jim Gibbons said about federal health care, “I will not surrender to this federal assault and I will not succumb to political pressure while the rights of Nevada citizens are trampled.”

Woof. All that talk about a federal “assault” and “surrender” and “pressure” and trampling and succumbing.  Sounds like a night out with Siggy and the Gube.

Meanwhile…Chuck Muth tells us he doesn’t like Gibbons for bungling his–Gibbons’ not Muth’s–administration, and he doesn’t like Brian Sandoval for Governor because he–Sandoval, not Muth– is too much of a lefty.  Yet he insists that doomed Mike Montandon is “considered both a solid conservative as well as trustworthy.” (NevadaAppeal) The latter can only prompt those of us still living in the center of the foreclosure crater left over from Mikey’s tenure as mayor of North Las Vegas to laugh bitterly…until we choke on our tears.

Hey, Newshounds! The next time you’re stuck in a room with the ex-mayor and feeling bored, ask him about Gregory Rose, or about “More Cops,” or about the North Las Vegas Housing Authority. You know, just for giggles.

Oh, never mind. Nobody cares about the ex-mayor’s run. Rightly so.

Meanwhile…Yet another benefit of the Gibbons’–and everybody else’s–no taxes pledge: prison violence grows while guards take their mandatory furloughs. Guess we should all hope that Gibbons soon pays off Dawn and ends that divorce–so that her security team can be reassigned to the prison riot units.

Meanwhile…isn’t it just like the Gube to screw up an ethic complaint from the GOP against some Democrats by doing what they did? (INP)

Meanwhile…The Guv keeps wowing them in Winnemucca, for what that’s worth.

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