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He Just Doesn’t Know Which Way To Flip

The Rare Flipflopping GibfishNevada putative governor Jim Tiberius Gibbons, attempting to garner some fitful attention to his dying campaign, went all anti-immigration today. In a mealy-mouth, flip-floppy way, anyways.

Hoping the relive the dubious success of his attacks on President Obama over Obama’s remarks that gambling is perhaps not the best way to spend one’s employment check, and to get his mug before the jaded core who watch only Faux News, Gibbons sent out an official missive using taxpayer money to demand that the president “take action” on illegal immigration. (Gube)

Displaying his characteristic ability to be ironic without being aware of it, the Gov accused Obama of using the immigration issue as a “political issue” while, as the governor of an inland state well buffered from international borders and facing a difficult primary in a few short weeks, Gibbons is nothing but a giant nerve ending vibrating with political motivation.

Despite a particularly dumbfounding spew of racist nonsense more suited to an attempted rape in a garage than a gubernatorial debate, Gibbons, on the very same day he sent out his manic missive to the President, became less sanguine and informed the poor reporter assigned to the Carson mansion that he had decided abruptly that he would not support a bill similar to the draconian screed recently penned in Arizona, because, mind you, Nevada is an inland state without international borders. (RGJ,NevApp) Perhaps the turn around resulted after the crack re-elect Gibbers team realized belatedly that in  the improbable circumstance that the Gube survive the primary, he might require some support from the Hispanic community to win the general election.

Meanwhile, both Reids decided to poke fun at the Gov’s non-stance on immigration. Reid senior noted:

“I’m glad Governor Gibbons recognizes the need for immigration reform that secures our borders, holds employers accountable, and requires the 12 million people who are here illegally to get right with the law.  As the governor should know, no one has spent more time on this issue in the Senate than I have.  Unfortunately, even though the last immigration reform bill was supported by then-President George W. Bush, Republicans blocked it. The Senate is going to try once again to pass reform that is tough on people who break the law, fair to taxpayers and practical to implement.  If Governor Gibbons is sincere in his desire to reform our broken immigration system, I hope he will encourage his fellow Republicans to begin working with us on solutions, rather than just saying ‘no’.”

No doubt the Senator was joking. The only person taking the Guv’s calls these day is Ty Cobb, the lesser.

Reid junior had the following to say:

“Instead of a common sense approach, what has occurred in Arizona is a wrong-headed approach to a serious issue – and that’s why Arizona law enforcement leaders, civil rights advocates, religious leaders and business groups oppose the bill,” said Reid. “It’s also evidence of what can happen in the absence of comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level.”

“On its face, this ill-conceived law opens the door to racial profiling and the violation of the fundamental civil rights of all Americans,” he continued. “You can’t determine whether someone is undocumented simply by the way they look, dress or speak.

“This law will also breach the important trust between law enforcement and the communities they protect, and divert resources away from critical incidents, where police are most needed.

“Nevadans can count on me to be a consistent advocate for comprehensive immigration reform and common sense solutions to this complicated issue.”

If Rory Reid’s statement is a veiled repute of the Gube, clearly he has misrepresented Gibbons’ position. Gibbons has steadfastly come out against racial profiling–of the Irish.

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