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Gibbons: Racial Profiling Okay. Except For Whites, Of Course

Jim Gibbons: Back to 1864!Apparently, Nevada Gube Jim Gibbons wants to take Nevada back to 1864 in more ways than one.

He seems to want to turn back the clock to the bad old days when everybody who isn’t white–under a definition of white only known to the elites doing the defining–was automatically placed under suspicion for any criminal activity going on at the moment.

At least that’s what the latest spew of Gibberish seems to entail:

“Racial profiling should be used for terrorism, if someone is coming here to deal drugs, commit crime, commit terrorist acts. If you’re going to racially profile an Irishman, then I’m going to question that. The constitution gives us all certain rights.” (Sun)

Granted, trying to parse the mangled morass that drips from the Gube’s mumbling maw is a delicate and dangerous affair. Indeed pondering too long that us all in the last sentence will surely lead to dementia. Who’s us all? The Irish? GOP gubernatorial candidates? Waitress maulers? Assholes? The mind boggles.

But at least Gibbers did us one favor: he exposed the fundamental flaw with racial-profiling. It just institutionalizes an elite group’s racism. In this case, the elite group is the craven core of the state GOP that GOP gube candidates are catering to, and that’s all the more reason to keep whoever wins that state GOP’s nod in June out of the Governor’s office.

Oh, by the way, guess what? There have been documented cases of Irish terrorists! We’d better start profiling Ginger Kids!

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