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Gibbons Loves a Donut Hole

So, a spokesman for Harry Reid suggests on the occasion that Jim Gibbons will continue with his dubiously legal frivolous lawsuit against the health care bill:

Reno, NV – Jon Summers, the spokesman for Nevada Senator Harry Reid, today issued the following statement regarding Governor Gibbons’ decision to join a lawsuit to block the new health insurance reform law.

“The governor’s intent is to repeal a law that gives access to quality, affordable health care to more than 600,000 more Nevadans.  He wants to repeal a law that prevents insurance companies from deciding who gets to see a doctor and when.  He wants to roll back tax cuts for 24,000 small business owners in Nevada.  And he wants to re-open the Medicare Part D “donut hole” for seniors.  Sen. Reid worked tirelessly to ensure these injustices no longer take place.  Rather than fighting to protect big insurance companies, Gov. Gibbons should join Sen. Reid in fighting for Nevada consumers.”

More at 11:00, or whenever, maybe…

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