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Even His Flips Are Floppy

The Rare Flipflopping GibfishThis from Reno News and Reviews:

At a debate among Repubican candidates for governor last week, Gov. Jim Gibbons switched his stance on nuclear waste storage twice in as many minutes. After the candidates were asked their positions on the proposed federal waste dump at Yucca Mountain, candidate Brian Sandoval said he continues to oppose it and was booed by some audience members.

Gibbons then said he believed nuclear waste can be transported safely and that “I can tell you, you can store it safely”—in both cases undermining his own administration’s legal arguments. His switch was startling enough that debate moderator Sam Shad asked him directly for his position on the dump, and Gibbons then backed up and said he supported shutting the Yucca facility down. (RN&R)

Meanwhile, a new poll shows that the gube race is still pretty much the same: Rory Reid’s best chance is against the Gibbers. 63% of poll respondents think Gibbons is doing a lousy job, and 44% view him very unfavorably. I suspect very few of them are registered Republicans, though, so the Gøøber still has a chance.

The only question, is, I suppose, whether us’n good RIROs need to be as vehemently anti-tax as the Gibbers to get him into the general. Or, like Gibbons, do we abandon all principles to get him there?

Oh, probably.

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