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Dog Bites Governor

Come on. It’s not as if we didn’t know he was the worst governor in America. So, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington threw Gibbers on the worst gube list this year. (RJ) Ho, hum. Big deal. Dog bites man.

Just because he:

  • Violated campaign finance law by accepting illegal corporate donations
  • Allegedly assaulted a waitress
  • Overlooked ethical lapses of his appointee
  • Misused state resources in pursuit of an extra-marital affair
  • Endangered his state’s economy by threatening to reject federal stimulus funds
  • Has been investigated for his conduct as a member of Congress (CREW)

All typical Republican Family Values stuff.

Jeez. Come on people. There’s lots more important things you could be doing than tweeting the gube’s continued epic fail to loserdom.

Like watching dancing chickens on the youtubes.

[Update" Gibbons takes a long time saying "no comment".]

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