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Breaking: Brian Sandoval Learns that Dan Hart is a Democrat

Twin Tea Bags - Jim Gibbons Brian SandovalThis just showed up in my e-mail, for some unknown reason:

“It’s a Democrat trying to help another Democrat win office. ‘I’m not trying to hide it at all. Certainly I am a supporter of Rory’s or have been in the past. I’ve helped him out with campaigns. And I’m a lifetime Democrat. Guilty,’ says Dan Hart, creator of the site and advertisement.”

Nevada –

The slick, forget-the-facts attack ads funded by Washington Democrats and Labor Unions designed to elect Rory Reid started last week. That quote is from Dan Hart — Rory Reid’s former campaign manager and the guy behind the shadowy front-group attacking us in the Republican primary.

Help us fight back today!

Everyone knows these attack ads won’t cut government spending, balance our state budget or get the 13.4% of unemployed Nevadans working again. But that’s not the goal of this shadowy front-group as reported in last Thursday’s newspaper:

“The Democratic Governors Association is heavily funding a group attacking GOP gubernatorial front-runner Brian Sandoval — meddling in the opposition’s primary at an unprecedented level, Nevada political observers say.

“The association, according to an IRS filing, made a $500,000 donation Feb. 26 to the Committee to Protect Nevada Jobs — a group with clear ties to Democratic Clark County Commissioner Rory Reid.” (Las Vegas Sun, 4/17/2010)

Simply put, a group funded by the Democrat Washington Democrats and Big Labor; run by Rory Reid’s former campaign manager and county lobbyist has launched a million dollar attack campaign against me in the primary election.

Will you help us respond to these false attacks?

To make matters worse, the ad is a lie. Commentators across Nevada have labeled it ‘False,’ ‘Untrue,’ and ‘Misleading.’ As Attorney General, I never fought for the 2003 tax increase. But that won’t stop Rory Reid and the national democrats from continuing to peddle this lie to Nevada voters.

Rory Reid and his liberal allies will stop at nothing, including trying to change the outcome of a Republican Primary, to win this election. That’s why I need your help today to fight back.

Please contribute $10, $25, $50, $100, or even $1,000 today to help us respond to the Reid attack machine.

Thank you for your support.


P.S. Timing is critical. We purchase additional TV time immediately to match their attack ads dollar for dollar. We can’t allow Rory Reid and the national democrats to buy this election

Hmm. Not so sure about the “slick” part. And apparently the silent judge would prefer that he, Monte Miller, and national Republicans buy the election, but hey, this is America. We can all disagree about who should be buying the elections.

Forget Dan Hart. Become a Nevada RIRO instead…

[UPDATE: Sebelius points out that if Sandoval had not been pushed into no-tax demogogary by Gibbons and the Republican core, he wouldn't be such an easy target:

But in politics, if you're explaining, you're losing. In the meantime, plenty of reporters and bloggers are typing the words "Sandoval" and "taxes" in the same sentence.

Committee for Nevada Jobs -- mission accomplished.

But what if Sandoval hadn't been so forceful on the tax issue? What if he'd taken a more thoughtful approach, and said something along these lines: "Look, I'm not in favor of taxes. I think they hurt the economy, and raising or imposing taxes is about the last thing I'd ever do. But I don't know what the future is going to bring, I don't know what our deficit is going to look like, and if I'm elected, I will have an obligation to do the right thing by our children and our seniors. And that might involve taxes. Again, it won't be my first choice, but I'm not going to take it off the table because that would be irresponsible."

Reasonable. Conservative. Realistic.

If he'd said that, the events of 2003 wouldn't be a story. (CityLife)

Hurray for Nevada politics, where extremists have made policy impolitic!]

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