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Back to 1864

JIm GIbbons Wants to Take You Back to 1864!The crack Nevada Governor staff/Re-elect James Nye Governor committee had a couple more of its inevitable boo-boos this week.

The most obvious getting a laff all over the state was the gropey, feely, creepy campaign e-mail that circulated last week. The crack interim campaign manager admitted to the press that the goofy, stinky, dopey missive was in fact an error, all part of a “crappy” day that, I submit, is more indicative than abnormal for the doomed campaign. (NevApp)

Just as an aside, given that the primary is less than two months away, isn’t it about time for the campaign to select a permanent manager? Or do they figure that since there is really only two months left for the Gibbons’ campaign anyway, that appointing someone would simply not be worth the trouble?

Meanwhile, the Gube has called on his supporters, all three of them, to pony up to pay the legal fees associated with his frivolous law suit against the federal gum’ment over health care reform. (Sun)

The Gube has dubbed this latest little fund raising project the “Constitutional Defense Fund,” which is not to be confused with (a) the gov’s barely-legal defense fund created to help him raise money to defend himself from accusations of unwanted waitress groping and napkinhat bribery or with (b) his education “gift certificate” aimed at funding schools after they are decimated by his anti-tax stance. Unsurprisingly, the education plan has only pulled in $261 and is apparently doomed due to poor vetting of the idea. (Sun,Fox5) To the delight of ironists and Sandovalistas, the program also will not be tax free.

It just goes to prove that the Gube should have adopted my “Buck you Edu-Buck” instead.

Meanwhile, again, the paranoic guv will, despite the cost to taxpayers, keep in place security measures added for the purpose of protecting him from a letter sent by a rather dull and toothless extremist group. The group sent the same letter to all 50 governors, yet ours is the only one to take the opportunity to use precious tax dollars to defend himself from paper cuts. (NevApp,Sun)

By the way, the group Nevada Republicans in Registration Only (RIRO) denies any knowledge of any threats against the guv. We are instead just as supportive of the governor’s primary campaign as is Mr. Dan Hart. The fact that recent polls prove our little group to be nearly as toothless as the group threatening the guv, is, I submit, a mere coincidence.

Say, why is Ms. Reedy’s tongue always sticking out, all Rolling Stones like?

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1 comment to Back to 1864

  • rm

    I still think the fund for his healthcare lawsuit is just a cover for him to have health insurance companies pay for the suit.