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Who Could Resist?

Trapped in the Gibbus with Jim Gibbons on the way to Searchlight!Yes, who could resist the prospect of 6 hours in the Jim Gibbons’ Gibbus on a trip to the Sideshow in Searchlight as the Guv, desperate to save his candidacy, attempts to attach himself to every pathetic political fad that stumbles by? Added bonus: the Gube will be joining the trip in Laughlin as he will be slumming in Southern Nevada towards the end of this week.

No news yet if you get to wear the Hugh Hefner smoking jacket, tho.

All you have to do to win this fabulous prize is to contribute to the Jim Gibbons for Gube juggernaut (AP) You know, so he can boost the campaign kitty to about $500 and some change.

For the sake of the “winners,” I hope the campaign can at least afford to change the chemicals in the WC. Better bring you’re own snacks, too.

And wouldn’t it be embarrassing if the fitful minor successes of your campaign were taken as a sign of your party’s faltering? (Sun)

I don’t usually feel sorry for the Las Vegas Chamber of Horrors, but after that visit from the Guv, they must all still be in shock. Just imagine trying to make sense of Gibbons’ boasting about his staying awake during the Re-elect Jim Gibbons Special Session of the Legislature:

“I had to go sit in there and literally sit them at a table and tell them what we can and cannot do,” he said. “It wasn’t easy; no one likes the end result. We got through it and I think we ended up with the best result for Nevadans with that session.” (Sun)

So, Gibbons is desperate to take credit for an end result “no one likes.” Still, it was “the best result,” so good he had to veto hunks of it.

Gibbons’ main trick to resurrect the Vegas economy is “tax incentives” for businesses. (RJ,S&Gs) No one has yet to figure out how you do that when there already is no corporate tax in Nevada–unless the idea is to set up a negative tax for ‘em. Hey, just take it out of the general fund! Those schools and universities are goners anyway.

[Update: I forgot that the Gibbons' staff used to call the Gibbus, the "Moho." Why? Who knows...unless it's for mo' political ho'ing...]

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