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Toga Party Candidate Offers Higher Ed Reforms

The JIm Gibbons Toga Party!This just in: fearful that the popularity–real or imagined–of the Nevada Tea Party will bleed the faithful from their ranks, the Nevada Republican party will be considering a name change during its next party meeting.

The favored new name? The Toga Party of Nevada.

The idea is to entice disgruntled younger voters, especially college students angered by tuition hikes, into the party by referencing a movie only their grandparents remember, and then only if its running on the Depends channel before dark.

Relevance, thy name is GOP!

Anyways, the sure winner of the new Toga Party Gubernatorial primary will  be Jim Gibbons because, face it, Brian Sandoval just ain’t a party animal, while Gibbons has already demoed his partay creds.

In the spirit of the new party name, Gibbons offered up some reforms for the Nevada University system. The reforms actually sound half-way sane, which should lead one immediately to suspect plagiarism. Indeed, former University Chancellor and Gibbons fan Jim Rogers immediately pointed out that many of the ideas had been proposed over a year ago–back when the Legislature was in session and could actually do something about them.

Rogers also added the following words of encouragement to his dear friend the governor, who, in all likelihood will not be around to present his reforms in 2011, having frittered away his single term napping in the office and oiling the Gaffe-o-matic:

“The truth of the matter is, these things should have been done a long time ago,” Rogers said. “We went to the Legislature last year, and we couldn’t get it done.”

He compared Gibbons’ proposal to somebody who “beats your brains out and then gives you a cloth to wipe up the blood.” (RJ)

Meanwhile, everyone is left to ponder why the Gube has decided to make such proposals, especially since they are so out-of-sync with the campaign’s single-minded and single-issue appeal to the rotting core of the party. Having wrapped the no-taxes faithful around his pinkie, is Gibbons reaching out to what passes for the moderate wing of the GOP, the Sandovalistas standing agog in admiration of the silent judge?

But at what price? Won’t Gibbons scare away the core who think “spoiled” whenever their feverish minds darkly grasp the concept “university student”?

Or is it that the education Gov is trying to stuff into the unwilling heads of the Nevada electorate the notio rationi repugnans: Gibbons still Gube in 2011?

Meanwhile, Gibbons announces that he is willing to cut the state’s general fund in half if that’s what it takes to balance the budget, again, in 2011. (NevadaAppeal) Again, do you see his assumption? That he’ll still be around to carry out his threat to reduce UNLV to a single college devoted to erotic dance?

So, pull the toga out of mothballs, fill up the brandy snifter, and raise a glass to four more years, Nevada!

You might want to take a little arsenic with that.

[Update: Gibbons slow in signing special session bills. (KLAS) Wants to bask in the glow of the Re-elect Jim Gibbons Special Session, I'm guessing.]

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1 comment to Toga Party Candidate Offers Higher Ed Reforms

  • I saw his press conference at the Regents meeting. I think he finally bought into this plan because it sounds so much like privatizing public education. Notice his emphasis was on putting the burden of paying for education on the students.

    Of course, I think this is tantamount to a tax increase. Amazing how tax increases are suddenly acceptable when you call it tuition.