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Thursday is Nevada Napkin Hat Day!

Tomorrow is Napkin Hat Day! It’s the special day when all Nevadans put on their napkin hats to celebrate the official beginning of the Re-elect Jim Gibbons Gubernor of Nevada campaign!


Nevadans wear Napkin Hats on this luminous day because that’s what Jim Gibbons was wearing on the luxury boat ride paid for by a defense contractor who was handing Jim campaign chips/cash in order to encourage the then Congressman  to include a project for software that never worked on the then-secret budget for secret squirrel military stuff that never works.

In fact, the deal was so hinkie, the FBI and the Congressional Ethics committee started sniffing around, but they got bored with the case after Jimbo left Congress to become Nevada’s most beloved napkin-hat-wearing Guv.

So, wear your Napkin Hats proudly Nevada! They represent the erratic state of your state, and your Guv!


  • Gibbons signs bill designed to allow the state to apply for Fed “Race to the Top” education funds, despite the fact he still thinks the bill is flawed and he once threatened to veto it. (Sun,RJ) Another flip-flop, but, hey, who can keep count?
  • Oh. Gibbons apparently broke that promise to veto bills quickly he made during the Reelect Gibbons Special Session, but, hey, who can keep count? (RJ)
  • And, despite everything, the Guv can still get “a crowd” of 40 folks from Ely to sit in a room with him. (ElyNews) Say, that’s perty near the whole town, ain’t it? You’d think so, given the slant in that article, anyways.
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