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The Ultra-Secret Gibbons' Education Cabal

Gibbons' Education CabalNo doubt everyone is anxiously awaiting the results of yet another Gibbons’ task force. After all, just think of all the groundbreaking ideas that were made into world-changing policies that came out of all those committees that Gibbons threw together at the beginning of his first and last term. What, don’t remember any? Not to worry. Nobody else does, either.

It’s kinda sad, though, that the new Re-elect Jim Gibbons Education Task force won’t have its findings out until after Gibbons’ defeat in November. Okay, okay. Not so much sad as some how appropriate. (RJ)

But surely the most amazing part of Gibbons’ announcement is the report that he read a book called “Duck for President” to some students at the event. No, it’s not amazing that Gibbons was reading, but rather that he didn’t pick, say, “Lame Duck Protest” as more germane to the status of his current political predicament.

Still, maybe he made the correct choice. The duck in “Duck for President” runs for office because he is tired of doing chores. Now, that sounds familiar.

Isn’t it fascinating, or perhaps simply nauseating, that a Gibbons’ task force can’t set out to do its job quietly and efficiently? The new education task force just had to get tied up within the first week by announcing it will violate open meeting laws and insist on meeting in secret.

Why the need for secrecy? A Gibbers’ spokester tells us:

“people sometimes feel more free to express their opinions in private meetings.” (Sun)

Ah. So, they need the private meeting so that can say what they really think in private and then in public that allows them to say something they think is more palatable to whatever constituency they are trying to please. In other words, secret meanings allow members of a public committee to lie in public to cover their butts.

And that’s why it’s okay for them to violate open meeting laws. Everybody got it?

Say, wasn’t that a truly magnificent performance by Sage boss Bruce James the other day? You know, when he shouted all Moses-like “hallelujah” at the prospect of tearing down Nevada Higher education during the budget crisis:

“Hallelujah!” James shouted, jarring the audience. “This is a great and glorious time. This is the time we can actually look at what we’ve done and how we’ve allowed this stuff to build up, and take affirmative action.” (Sun)

Apparently Mr. James’ “vision” for higher ed is to remove all but the business college from Nevada campuses. No wonder the Sage commission was so successful. Although to be fair, the budget crunch and Gibbons’ no-taxes monomania sort of made the Sage commission, if you’ll pardon the expression, nothing but a pointless academic exercise.

You know. Like all of Gibbons’ commissions.

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